Rapt Media

Partner Overview

Rapt Media is the fastest and easiest way to create world-class, interactive videos and is fundamentally changing how companies engage with their customers online. Rapt Media has created the only interactive storytelling technology combining personalized narrative with unparalleled data integration. Our HTML5, mobile-native video platform gives customers the power to intrigue, turning viewers into participants and engagement into real insights.

Product Overview

With interactive video, you are creating an experience that can be personalized with choice—making it fun, engaging, and relevant, and, as a result, participants explore and spend more time with your content, increasing the chances of them taking the desired actions. Personalized and engaging content starts at the point of creation, and Rapt Media’s platform provides creatives with the tools to quickly and easily create, test, and iterate content that connects with their audience—all with limited IT involvement.

Our drag-and-drop interface makes the Composer simple to use (though our API and CSS support make more sophisticated customization possible). Our platform collects data and supports integrations, allowing you to measure and demonstrate the success of your content and tie that content directly to business KPIs. As users interact, our analytics dashboard tracks meaningful metrics, giving you insights into what's working, so you can rapidly fine-tune your creative ideas to better communicate with your audience."

Rapt Media is fundamentally changing how companies engage their customers online. With its suite of powerful browser-based solutions and team of digital media experts, Rapt Media makes possible the creation of highly engaging Interactive Video experiences at scale.

Rapt Media’s platform makes it easy to build sophisticated HTML5 Interactive Videos that drive deep engagement, greater viewing time, and increased ROI. Advanced analytics show viewers' navigation through projects, and Rapt Media’s player API enables interactivity outside of the video frame.

Features & Benefits

  • Import videos from your Brightcove Video Cloud account
  • Drag-and-drop project creation using your Brightcove-hosted videos
  • One-click publishing and on-the-fly product modification
  • HTML5 iframe embed code means projects can be viewed on PCs, tablets, and smartphones
Getting Started Guide
  • Register for a Rapt Media account at
  • Contact us at to upgrade to an Enterprise account and enable Brightcove access.
  • Configure your Brightcove account to have HTTP delivery of video assets turned on.
  • Set up Brightcove integration in the Add-ons section of your Rapt Media account.

Rapt Media's annual contract is based on the number of interactive video projects created and fees depend on a number of factors such as: the level of creative/technical consulting, custom analytics, custom CSS, and API integrations with MAS and LMS systems.