Company Overview:

Ramp provides next-generation video delivery solutions to help organizations get the most value possible from video content. Ramp’s enterprise content delivery network, AltitudeCDNTM, provides simple and secure multicasting and advanced caching software to optimize video traffic behind the firewall. The result is high-quality, stable transmissions from virtually any video source without expensive network upgrades or proprietary infrastructures and custom video players. Many Global 2000 companies, including Fortune 500 leaders, benefit from Ramp’s enterprise solutions.

Product/Service Overview:

AltitudeCDN OmniCache is an HTTP(S) web proxy that retrieves and stores video content delivered by streaming protocols, such as MPEG, DASH and HLS. The cache creates local copies of video streams in optimal locations across the corporate network to greatly reduce the volume of video traffic traversing the WAN environment and maximize the playback quality for local viewers.

AltitudeCDNTM Multicast+ is a standards-based solution that brings multicast support to any live video deployment that uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Multicast+ delivers high-quality and stable video transmissions without proprietary hardware infrastructure, customized players, or invasive peer-to-peer clients. Multicast+ takes live video streams in HLS/DASH or other widely-used formats and uses multicast protocol to transfer the stream to groups of users for viewing in any HLS or HTML5 compatible player or browser.

How the Integration Works: 

Brightcove and Ramp have partnered together to integrate Video Cloud and AltitudeCDN solutions to manage the flow of video inside the corporate firewall and deliver a great viewing experience for enterprise customers.

The Brightcove-certified plugin for OmniCache makes integration a simple, one-time administrative process that does not require changes to any deployed video clients.

Similarly, integration with Multicast+ is as simple as as single setting that tells Multicast+ to source the video stream from Video Cloud.

Features and Benefits of the Integration: 

  • Reduce bandwidth consumption on the corporate network by 90% or more
  • Improve playback performance across the entire network
  • Monitor and manage performance with real-diagnostics and traffic routing

Software-based solution with an annual subscription pricing model. Pricing varies based on volume.

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