An independent, UK-based company funded by the founders and private shareholders, QuickTVpro was created to provide a self-use app for the addition of interactive features to online video.

The company also provides an enterprise service, producing developments commissioned by its clients either as an add-on to the interactive editor or as stand-alone apps.

QuickTVpro is an online editor designed for use by professionals who work with video.

An intuitive user interface contains a wide range of tools such as Hotspots and Annotations which can be configured to appear and function exactly as the users wish. These tools are both for monetization (eg Shop Window) and editorial (eg voting) purposes. They can also be used to create alternative endings, where the viewer can choose which path to go down.

There is no change to the source video which remains within the Brightcove platform. Simply open an account with QuickTVpro, follow the instructions to link it to your account at Brightcove and start using the app.

Unlimited use of the app is free with a QuickTVpro watermark, which can be removed for a small fee (see for pricing and demos). Analytics providing details of viewer engagements with the interactive features are part of the service.

The QuickTVpro app works in conjunction with Brightcove so your videos continue to be hosted and played-out by Brightcove.

Opening an account with QuickTVpro is free, and easy-to-follow instructions will explain how to link it to your Brightcove account in a few short moments. You will then have unlimited use of the app free of charge, the only cost being if you want to remove a QuickTVpro watermark from your interactive videos.

Once you have added your interactive effects in the QuickTVpro editor, you are provided with an embed code to be used in the usual way.

The QuickTVpro app does not effect your Brightcove account in any way.

When you want to add interactive effects to your videos, log into your QuivkTVpro account. Once it has been linked to your Brightcove account, make sure you click on the refresh videos button each time you log in. You will see an up-to-
date list of all your videos.

Then you simply select the video you want to work on, add the interactive effects in the editor, preview and publish using an embed code we provide.

The interactive elements are provided by QuickTVpro, along with stats on viewer engagements. They are synchronized as overlays to the video playing out of Brightcove but do not effect the source video in any way, so the integrity of your Brightcove videos in maintained with no downloading or encoding when interactive layers are added.

Unlimited use of the QuickTVpro app is free of charge. All interactive videos include a discreet QuickTVpro watermark which can be removed for a fee of around $60 (see for up-to-date pricing). Creative and development services are also available, so if you would like us to ad the interactive features for you, or there is some additional functionality you require please contact us for pricing.