Outbrain is the world’s leading content discovery platform helping the biggest names in publishing like CNN, Fox News, Time Inc., ESPN, The Telegraph, Le Monde, and The Guardian drive revenue and engagement through content recommendations.

With 150 billion recommendations served on 14 billion page views worldwide every month, it’s safe to say that helping people discover great content is our first love. The audience connecting with content through Outbrain tends to love our recommendations too: They are nearly 50% more engaged than audiences referred through social channels, and after Google and Facebook, Outbrain is the largest driver of pages views on media sites. Founded in 2006, the company is headquartered in New York, with 14 offices globally, including the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, and Australia.

Our video offering helps audiences discover more video content that is interesting to them.

Drive engagement with personalized recommendations to more videos without your viewers even leaving the Brightcove player. It's the easiest, most scalable way to get more video content in front of the audience most interested in watching it, and the integration (plugin) is free to install.

Features and Benefits

  • Personalized recommendations: Full algorithmic approach to video recirculation, personalized for each viewer
  • Increase video consumption: Keep viewers within your video experience for increased views and time spent
  • Increase circulation: Convert readers into viewers by driving traffic from content pages to video pages, sending viewers to your most lucrative, in-demand inventory
  • Gain insights: Discover which videos your audience engages with the most

With Outbrain’s unique approach to personalized recommendations, the plugin helps your audience find content that is most interesting to them, resulting in more video views and longer engagement. It's easy to activate in the Brightcove player and integrates seamlessly with your video experience to power recommendations within the player itself. Other benefits include full support for mobile devices and easy integration with HTML5.

Integration Overview

The integration requires activating a Flash plugin in-player.

Free to install (no installation or service fees)
Publishers benefit from additional video page views and incremental revenue opportunities