Neon is a fully automated image selection platform for monetizing digital content. Neon’s proprietary scientific solution maximizes revenue for leading online entertainment, media, sports publishers, advertisers, and marketers.

In a world where 1.8 billion images are uploaded online every day, how will you ensure that your visual content gets seen?

Neon for Video
Neon for Video selects the most engaging images from your videos to be used as the video thumbnail and optimizes these images in real time.

Neon Live
Neon Live processes live video streams continuously to select and publish top thumbnails to social media and wherever the stream is live.

Neon Image Management Platform
Neon’s video and image products are powered by the Image Management Platform, which combines our patented science with our unique algorithm that identifies the images most likely to be clicked in real time, improving monetization of images and enabling customers to get the most out of their visual content online.
Neon is fully integrated with Brightcove Video Cloud, making it a turnkey enhancement to your video publishing suite. Neon and Brightcove have partnered to ensure that you’re getting the most revenue and viewer engagement from your content.

Features and Benefits

  • See 16-34% additional engagement with your video content by using Neon-selected images.
  • Drive image views, drive revenue: Maximize revenue from your monetized visual content by attracting viewers with engaging images.
  • Know what your audience wants to see: Neon uses science to automatically predict the images your audience wants to see.
  • Manage images with ease: Automatically find, publish, and optimize your most engaging images from video or photo sets.
  • Straightforward Video Cloud integration process led by a dedicated Neon integration team.
  • Understand how your content is performing in your monthly analytics report.

Integration Overview

Integration for Video Cloud customers is simple and straightforward. Neon can begin automatically processing and providing thumbnails for videos in your Video Cloud account in just a few steps. Neon also provides support in the form of product training, integration assistance, custom testing, and quality assurance. Custom integrations and API access are available depending on the customer’s needs.

Neon products are available through an annual SaaS contract. Total annual fees are calculated based on the number of images Neon serves for the customer, the number of minutes of video processed, and the number of brands included in the annual contract. The annual contract includes uptime and response time guarantees.