Me!Box Media, Inc.

me!box Media is a video platform designed to optimize your content, increase viewer engagement, and push consumers to take an action while viewing your video. Using interactive customizable sidebar banners which display alongside the main video player, viewers watch the video while additional relevant content is shown to them automatically allowing you to direct your audience deeper into your website, to purchase products and services, and/or to respond to 3rd party and sponsored content. All activity is tracked and measured to deliver you more insight about your audience and their interests. me!box is available for websites, banner ads, social networks, and mobile via HTML5 compatible players.

Me!Box turns media from being time-bound to interest-bound by providing a video participation experience enriched by contextual placement of topic-related information and brand-related messages. Me!Box is a Brightcove platform add-on which:

  • Empowers producers to capture greater value from their video content (new, branded or re-purposed).
  • Encourages viewers, in a non-intrusive setting, to dive deeper into the video and explore the story behind the visuals and commentary; triggering and measuring various forms of interactivity.
  • Enables viewers to engage directly with the content, providing social media sharing capability, direct feedback, wiki, and information capture.
  • Is designed to complement Brightcove video products, platform and metric dashboards for easy deployment.
  • Can serve on third-party websites, creating rich media/premium ad units for franchise purposes including Facebook and media sites.
  • Opens video to unprecedented data capture and ROI.


  • Patented system
    • All time coded
  • Easy to use creator and CMS interface, simple as:
    • Marker
    • Tag
    • Object
  • Real time updating
      Across all platforms
    • Against metrics
  • All Web and Mobile Platforms
    • HTML5
    • iOS
    • Android
    • PC
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Search and Social Sharing
    • SEO Integrated with your Google account
    • Entire Video is sharable
    • Point of interest within a video is shareable
  • Engagement Statistics: 50 data points
    • Plays
    • Clicks
    • Time Spent
    • Entire Video
    • Points of Interest
    • Shares
  • Facebook
    • Me!box tab maker
    • Seamless updating
  • Rich Media
    • Compliant with IAB
    • Seamless updating