LiveRail is the leading publisher monetization platform for video. With over 3 billion monthly impressions (25% of all online video ads) delivered via our platform each month, LiveRail sets the standard for innovative video advertising technology solutions. Our mission is to provide premium publishers with the technology to sell their video inventory smarter and safer, across all devices. Our technology is used by hundreds of major publishers who benefit from sophisticated analytics, advanced controls and unparalleled transparency ultimately generating maximum yield for every ad impression. Founded in 2007, LiveRail’s senior team is led by its founders, Mark Trefgarne (CEO) and Andrei Dunca (CTO). LiveRail Inc is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in New York, New York, and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. LiveRail is backed by Pond Ventures.

Partnership Summary

LiveRail delivers technology solutions that enable and enhance the monetization of internet distributed video. By focusing specifically on challenges and opportunities created by online video, our tools are designed to be easier, more efficient and more effective than traditional display ad servers to deliver and track advertising into this exciting new medium, LiveRail's partnership with Brightcove means these next-generation video monetization solutions are available to Brightcove publishers.

Product Overview

LiveRail AdServer is an industry-leading platform to manage, target, display and track advertising in online video. LiveRail's next generation ad-serving suite empowers publishers and advertisers with the tools needed to effectively manage the monetization of online video, freeing you from the constraints and complexities created by attempting to manage video advertising on legacy banner ad platforms. From streamlined campaign management, automated video conversion, modern ad-unit support (such as overlays), and advanced video-centric campaign performance metrics, LiveRail AdServer provides you with the tools needed to make the most of what online video advertising has to offer.

With Junction, publishers can select, optimize, display and track ads from multiple partners, all through a single integration. Junction gives publishers the flexibility to request and display ads from any ad source, ad network or ad server; minimizing unfilled inventory and maximizing revenue. Junction's intelligent approach to ad selection ensures that your viewers are shown the most relevant and highest value advertising in each available ad slot, prioritizing in-house ad sales, and providing optimized backfill from your ad network partners. Junction also takes care of the complex process of distributing available inventory among partners and content owners, allowing you to divide available inventory according to rights, and track revenue share accordingly.


  • LiveRail provides superior solutions for video monetization, for management of both in-house ad operations and third-party ad sales partners.
  • LiveRail's next-generation ad-serving environment streamlines ad operations, saving time and money, while providing enhanced reporting and accountability to advertisers.
  • LiveRail enables publishers to optimize revenue across multiple ad network partners, maximizing revenue and fill rates.


  • LiveRail plug-in can be activated within your Brightcove account within minutes.
  • LiveRail AdServer provides a full end-to-end solution for managing, targeting, displaying and tracking rich video advertising within your Brightcove player.
  • LiveRail Junction streamlines and optimizes the process of working with multiple advertising partners, including multiple ad sales teams, ad networks and syndication partners.
  • LiveRail leverages existing Brightcove content tags/categories for ad targeting.