Linius Technologies

Linius is a world-first technology that makes hyper-personalized video experiences possible, with its globally patented Video Virtualization Engine™ (VVE).

Linius cracks open a traditional video file exposing its data within, transforming a once in-penetrable video file into fully searchable data that can be manipulated between source and destination. The data is then re-assembled into personalized video streams on-the-fly, and because it’s all done virtually and lightweight, an infinite number of different streams can be delivered. Only Linius can do this.

Linius’ mission is to make the world’s video accessible as data, and in doing so provide many points of value across the entire video ecosystem starting with the enrichment of video archives, through to production workflows, to on-screen play-back.

Linius is re-defining video rich markets around the globe including Sports, Business and Education, and transforming the way the world watches and works with video.

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