Limelight Networks

Partner Overview

Limelight Networks, a global leader in digital content delivery, empowers customers to better engage online audiences by enabling them to securely manage and globally deliver digital content, on any device. The company’s Limelight Orchestrate Platform is built upon a global, private backbone network with the speed, capacity, and availability to deliver the experiences today’s audience’s demand. This industry-leading platform includes integrated content delivery, web acceleration, origin storage, video management, cloud security, and support services. The unique combination of global private infrastructure, advanced software, and expert services surpasses other CDNs to enable today’s and tomorrow’s workflows and put audience experience first.

Integration Overview

Limelight Networks is a key delivery partner in the Brightcove Partner ecosystem, with seamless integration with the Brightcove Online Video Platform. Whether it’s your website, videos, music, software, or games; your content needs to reach customers quickly, reliably, and securely.  Content Delivery Services provide higher performing, cost-effective content delivery, ensuring a better experience for you and your customers. 

Limelight Activation Services consists of consulting designed to help customers maximize the integration with Brightcove's Online Video Platform. From fine-tuning configuration settings to live training and workflow integration, customers can deploy their content quicker into the market with assurances that their CDN and Limelight Services configurations are optimal for specific requirements. 

Benefits & Features of Integration

Business Benefits: 

  • Faster Time-to-Market: Don’t worry about whether the CDN is operating at maximum performance for your unique content needs. That’s all handled by our Activation Services team to ensure that a customer’s content gets to their users as quickly as possible. 
  • Improved Performance: When a customer’s CDN services are configured for optimal operation based on specific content requirements, they can be assured that they are getting the best possible performance out of the network. 
  • Better Integration: Customers may have a workflow that combines multiple technologies and components to produce and publish content. Our Activation Services team can help integrate that workflow with provisioned CDN services for the best operation. 


  • Configuration Tuning and Optimization: Modification and setting up of Limelight Services and CDN configurations specific to a customer’s content profile(s) ensuring that they are getting the fastest performance and highest availability. 
  • Dedicated Engineering Support: Experienced Limelight resources are assigned at on-boarding to ensure rapid response and efficient issue resolution. 
  • Workflow Integration: Architects can assist in building integration between the customer’s workflows and Limelight products. 
  • Live Training: Education of customer staff on how to effectively use configured services, report generation through the Control Portal, and more. 

Please contact Limelight sales for detailed pricing.

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