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Your organization is creating more content, in more markets, and on more platforms, than ever before. That content will engage audiences, and if done right, drive revenue. Kanban is laser focused on content and commerce related technologies – we understand your world and what it takes for brands to drive business impact through smart technology investments.

We hold a belief that the technology systems of today will enable the 24x7 experiences of tomorrow. A sound content strategy and technology foundation will allow for content and software to take better advantage of contextual relevance. We see a world where the content is as smart as the audience and rich interfaces are the key to content consumption, consumer engagement, and business growth.
Strong engineering talent is hard to find and even harder to retain. Unless you are Google (or Kanban), you’ll be challenged to keep technical resources from moving to the next great thing. Our portfolio of innovative clients keeps our team motivated and inspired.
And as a business leader, agility and speed to market is paramount. Kanban’s distinct process increases organizational agility, improves global brand consistency, and speeds time to market.

Nowhere else will you find this unique combination: content-centric engineering for today’s real-time marketers.