Internet Video Archive

Internet Video Archive (IVA) is the world’s largest distributor of online trailers, with over 8 billion plays delivered. Our database contains over 110,000 high quality video assets, including theatrical trailers, DVD releases, interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, alternate trailers, and international versions. We also feature TV previews and video game trailers for every platform.
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Our expert acquisitions team works with over 1,200 movie and TV content suppliers (including Disney, Lionsgate, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros., CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, A&E, and VH-1) to get the latest releases and newest shows.

We add essential metadata such as title, cast, director, studio, plot summaries, release dates, source resolution, language spoken, language subtitled, and more, which ensures that the assets will be matched to datasets by Rovi, Gracenote, IMDB, Red Bee Media, and others, making implementation easy.

The assets are encoded in formats to reach any screen: MP4, HLS, HDS, HSS, and Dash, using the highest quality available, up to and including 1080p. This guarantees that when a customer is searching for a title, there is promotional video asset available for them to watch, wherever they choose to watch it. This content helps people connect with movies and TV shows, which means they watch more!

Our support portal offers clients detailed documentation about all our products and services. Video tutorials, weekly charts, editorial suggestions, best practice white papers, research and an expert staff are just some of the reasons why customers regularly praise the quality of our support.

The Brightcove Content Exchange makes accessing our content in conjunction with the Brightcove player platform simple and seamless. Our feeds automatically update the newest content into your Brightcove account.

IVA has designed solutions that are in use by entertainment sites, retailers, radio stations, libraries, social networks, and consumer electronics companies. For more information on how you can access IVA’s video content, metadata, image library and more, contact

IVA – A Better Way To Manage Trailers.

IVA offers flexible pricing models to accommodate a broad spectrum of use cases and client types. Contact us at to begin customizing the trailer solution for your specific needs and budget. You’ll be amazed by how affordable all of this content can be.