Partner Overview

At InPlayer we have a long-term dedication to providing the very best full service to our clients, those just embarking on their monetisation journey, and those well established in the space.  This allows them to focus on what they do best; creating quality content while confidently and comfortably relying on us to take care of all the technical infrastructure in the back end!

Integration Overview   

All clients need to do is go to the OVP integrations section of their InPlayer account, select Brightcove and enter the requested information. Once the integration is in place, clients have several options on how to create InPlayer assets which protect Brightcove videos.

Features & Benefits of Integration    

  • Universal payments - Set up a mix of tariffs, on-demand and subscription price options and accept payments from whatever providers and cards you prefer. 
  • Easy set up - Sign up and set up your first asset in a matter of minutes. Add the code snippet to your site and start selling. 
  • Access & Authentication - Allow your users to register using their email, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts. Grant or revoke access manually for users who deserve it. 
  • Subscriber insights - All the information you need to get to know your users and where to find more of the best ones to ensure your subscription business is a true success. 
  • The fastest player and fastest paywall - The Brightcove video player and InPlayer paywall are perfectly matched in speed and cross-platform support. 
  • No device limitations - Never let your viewers be annoyed by the “this device is not supported” message. This solution brings a native experience to any device size. 
  • Video is truly protected - Unlike many other paywalls we only inject the video to the page once the user is authenticated with valid access rights. 
  • Sync your assets - Get immediate access to your assets 
in your InPlayer admin panel and set up your tariffs for any or all of your videos by simply connecting the accounts.

Pricing is on a flexible revenue share basis with our content owners.

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