“The most full featured and sophisticated transactional video platform on the market”

Paywall from InPlayer (previously Invideous) enables video publishers to monetize video content using a raft of transactional tools.

Transactions are processed within the video player unit; checkout is simple, intuitive and just takes a few seconds to complete.

The plug-in works at player-level meaning the InPlayer Paywall travels with your video wherever it may be embedded or shared. This enables publishers to leverage social media’s powerful video sharing capabilities to process in-player payments and subscriptions across a far greater audience via popular environments such as Facebook.

Platform Feature Set

  • Transactional VOD & Subscription VOD
  • Supports Mobile*, ‘Desktop’ Web & Connected TV
  • Full Localization, Multi-Language and Multi-Currency
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Branded e-Receipts
  • Publishers can manage consumer payments and refunds
  • Visual Customization
  • White Label Available
  • Web based control panel
  • Tariff Options
  • Subscriptions & Packages
  • Monetize Live Streams & VOD
  • Payment Via C/Card, D/Card, PayPal, SMS
  • Saved Cards
  • Vouchers / Coupons / Free trials
  • Sales Tax
  • Geo-specific tariff config
  • Marketing Opt-In
  • Affiliate Sales
  • Transaction/video/account-level reporting
    • Automated email/XML reporting
    • Web based reporting
  • Full API and API Support Services

Pricing is per a revenue share with publishers.  Individual users pay on a per-view, per-minute or subscription basis.