Grabit Systems

Product/Service Overview

Grabit is an OTT technology which allows content providers to quickly AND accurately "tag" (add links to products or information) specific items in a video field. We use a patented technology that involves recognizing specific images in a video field using pixel cluster recognition. The Grabitiser system is the fastest most accurate "tagging" system in the world.

Company Overview

We are working with the largest media companies to develop new engagement and monetization models for sports and entertainment video content. Currently in real time commercial testing.

Overview of How Integration Works

AHL Grabitising Workflow:

  • Project is considered delivered when Client delivers all of the following: video, brightcove ID and links to Grabit
  • Grabitiser 1 populates Objects File with links while Grabitiser 2 creates Project splits, and begins Grabitising using temp Objects File:
  • Grabitiser 1 forwards completed Objects File to Grabitiser 2, and Grabitiser 2 forwards splits to Grabitiser 1
  • Grabitisers 1 & 2 Grabitise all splits – Grabitiser 1 = splits 1, 2…, and Grabitiser 2 = spits 5, 4… whomever completes their splits first Grabitises split 3
  • Grabitiser 2 forwards completed splits to Grabitiser 1
  • Grabitiser 1 emails all appropriate parties upon completion of upload/QC
  • Grabitised content is assigned Brightcove ID.

Features & Benefits of Integration

  • Grabit integrates into any player and is player agnostic. Client simply supplies API.
  • Grabitised video content allows users to, at single click or touch, accurately select any object in a video scene.
  • Grabit live sports application allows for live monetization of sports including uniforms and all player apparel.
  • Grabit live sports application allows the user to track a specific player and display his/her real time stats. The display is sponsored.
  • Point is that our platform allows you to engage with any and all aspects of the video to build engagement and traffic within and around your online content … hence, more traffic, more page views, more ad inventory, more ad impressions.

Approximate Cost and/or Pricing Model

By customer based on Grabit services used and expected volumes, with an up front setup fee.