Frequency Networks

Frequency is a powerful, easy-to-use personal video service. Users can quickly and easily discover, watch, and stay connected with video from across the internet, on a range of devices including web, iPad, and Samsung SmartTVs. Frequency increases user and device reach, promotes repeat visits, and fully honors publisher business models.

In a single place, Frequency brings together video from across the internet, creating channels that viewers can watch on their computers, iPads, and connected TVs, and that update in real time. Using Frequency’s intelligent “tuner,” users can tune into just what they want to watch, including big media brands and niche sites, broad categories and specific subjects, video from social networks, and smart channels that learn what users like.

Combining content from a wide range of sources in hundreds of categories with videos from users’ social networks, Frequency delivers video in a simple, timely and intelligent way to all the screens in a consumer’s daily life, with a consistent experience across all devices. Frequency synchronizes automatically via the cloud, letting users move seamlessly from one device to another.

Frequency brings your video content directly to the most sought after video consumers, with a model that encourages repeat visits and sustained engagement - users who follow your channel will always have your latest video brought right to them, and will no longer have to seek you out on the web.

As a Brightcove publisher, integration is incredibly simple - Frequency does practically all of the work for you. Users will experience your video just the way you intend, with all your business rules intact and no extra ads inserted into your videos or your channel. Building a repeat audience on Frequency complements your existing distribution footprint, plus we can feature your channel, and recommend it to our millions of users, who can easily click the Frequency Tuner to add your channel. Frequency increases your reach on the web, mobile, and the rapidly growing smart TV ecosystem.

To see Frequency for yourself, go to and browse our Guide to see our current slate of content providers. For additional questions, contact

Features & Benefits

  • Exposure to millions of users that consume high volume of video
  • Frequency users can follow your brand, giving you real subscribers who you can engage directly via video
  • Easy integration – as a Brightcove customer, distribution of your content on Frequency requires very little effort on your part
  • Preservation of your business model. We show your ads, you keep the revenue
  • Growing distribution footprint including desktop, mobile, and television