Partner Overview

Fastly offers a globally distributed, programmable edge cloud platform that provides delivery and security services at the network edge. We operate a single, high performance network for content delivery, video, load balancing, DDoS mitigation, WAF, and bot detection. Our platform was designed to be self-service to enable customers who want full control over their configurations. However, we also offer fully-managed, white glove professional services for customers that would like dedicated engineering support.

Fastly works with the best of the internet, serving 14 trillion requests each month, more than 10 percent of all internet requests. Leading brands like The New York Times, Twitter, Spotify, Nordstrom Rack, Vimeo, Airbnb, Yelp, and GitHub trust Fastly’s edge cloud capabilities to provide instant, personalized, and secure global experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Integration Overview

Fastly partners with Brightcove to provide best in class content delivery that empowers exceptional user experiences. Our joint solution streamlines the processing, management, and secure delivery of media at scale. This results in faster time to market, increased innovation, and more engaged end users.

Features & Benefits of Integration

  • Global scale: With over 20 Tbps of network capacity, we can handle even the largest events and traffic spikes with ease.
  • Real-time logs & analytics: Stream our logs and analytics within seconds to the endpoint of your choice so you can uncover business insights as they happen.
  • Full-featured API: Use our API to seamlessly integrate Fastly into your technology stack and automated CI / CD workflows to boost your team's efficiency.
  • Instant purge: Invalidate content globally in 150 ms so you can ensure your customers are seeing the most up to date content.
  • Self-serve configurations: Modify, deploy, and rollback configurations yourself in seconds so you can stay agile and iterate as needed.
  • Media Shield: Optimize your multi-CDN deployment while cutting costs and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Customers can leverage Brightcove's built in Fastly CDN integration or BYO (Bring Your Own) CDN services. To learn more about BYO CDN, contact