Empress Media Asset Management

Partner Overview

Empress Media, Inc. started its operation in 1998, and has since grown to be one of the largest providers of blank recording media and production supplies in the country. The company continues to expand, opening a California location in 2010 and a new, state-of-the-art videotape recycling facility in New York in 2011.

Over the past decade, Empress has answered the continuing needs of its broadcast and media clients as they transitioned from tape-based to tapeless workflows. To address these concerns, Empress Media Asset Management, LLC was founded in 2006. The company created its signature software package eMAM™ to provide a powerful and flexible web-based system for clients to manage their digital assets and tapeless workflows. The company’s offerings continue to grow and now include hosted (SaaS) options; combined archive hardware/software solutions; mobile and smart phone support; cloud-based storage, transmission, and processing; archive and digitization services, and much more. Today eMAM™ is one the industry’s most efficient, powerful, and cost effective Media Asset Management (MAM) systems in the market.

In 2008, Empress formed a partnership for offshore software and database development in order to provide customers with high quality software solutions at outstanding prices. The result was the formation of Empress Cybernetic Systems, LTD. With the advent of this partnership, we are now able to deliver innovative solutions such as e-commerce, data management, custom software development, web development, and much more. The company’s expansion continues with offices in Cochin in Kerala Province, India and New York City, NY.

Product Overview

eMAM is a powerful media asset management platform that provides an online proxy library of digital content with rich collaboration tools while managing native resolution content in storage and archive. With a series of best-in-breed integrations, eMAM can provide complete integrated media workflows. eMAM systems range from small workgroups to large enterprise installations, on premise or in the cloud, with access from any web browser, Android tablet, or iPad.

Integration Overview

eMAM organizes and manages the delivery process of media and metadata to the Brightcove Gallery video platform through FTP Batch Provisioning and XML processing. Users of eMAM ingest the media, organize it and prepare the material to be delivered. eMAM Users either change a metadata field in the metadata widget or drag the media to a Delivery Widget to trigger the delivery process (via FTP) to a predefined Gallery site. eMAM metadata will dictate where the media is placed on the Gallery site.

Features & Benefits of Integration 

  • eMAM offers an easy way to manage media and upload assets to a Brightcove gallery in a fully automated process.
  • eMAM Web based UI offers full production, collaboration, delivery and archive of media on one or more locations.
  • The eMAM Directory gives users an easy way to organize metadata to be displayed on the Gallery site. This metadata can also trigger a workflow to place the media in the correct gallery category by simple selecting the category name from a drop down menu.
  • eMAM Automates the process of uploading media and metadata through predefined Delivery profiles
  • Brightcove offers eMAM users an way to manage and display content to a wider audience.
  • eMAM Vault starts at $13,000 USD
  • eMAM Workgroup starts at $30,000 USD
  • eMAM Enterprise starts at $100,000 USD
  • eMAM Online starts at $299 per month