Embedly is the new link, replacing URLs with engaging videos, images and media. Through a suite of tools, plugins and APIs, Embedly is the source for embedding content and previewing links on the web. With Embedly, clients can target their content, implement custom advertising, and engage end-users.

Brightcove looks to its partnership with Embedly to redefine viral distribution of your videos. No more copy & pasting of video embed codes. Sites that want to share your video will only need a link. As a provider in the Embedly API, you instantly are discoverable by all the tools that Embedly has created including blog plugins, one-line javascript tags and all libraries that Embedly builds and supports.

Through Embedly, users are provided with instant content via distribution channels ranging from websites and blogs to forums and social media applications. Embedly empowers the efforts you have made to enhance your site content through re-creating the entrance point for your users. The view is customizable so that the right information, reaches the right users.

Special services offered:

  • Embedding Media using oEmbed standard– videos, text, image, geographic location, etc.
  • Site Exposure - all tools using Embedly will instantly know about your content to be immediately displayed according to your specification.
  • Cloud based API - access to your content will scale quickly and appropriately to your audience’s size.
  • Data Analytics - (referrer domains/pages, traffic trends, content distribution, user geographic location tracking) enhances your access to the location of your media assets.
  • Custom embedding on a target domain – Target specific customers and direct the most applicable data to the right audience.

Features & Benefits

  • Embedly manages the countless sources of embed codes through one API, removing the need for copy & pasting and manual distribution of your embed.
  • Your media embedded and instantly previewed in any web-site or application it is posted.
  • Your site will become compliant with the oEmbed standard widely used by many premiere media providers and social media applications.

Getting Started

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