Diagonal View

Diagonal View is a leading producer of online video content. We produce 8 channels: Uzoo, The A List, All Time 10s, Diagonal View, Football Daily, The Label, On This Day and Trending Now.

Access to over 5000 clips of professional video content. 30 new clips produced per week. Strong audience appeal with over 1.5 Billion views of content produced to date. Bespoke content production is available with over 2MM hours of footage and 50 new hours of content shot for us each day.

Features & Benefits

  • High-quality content, edited for online and mobile audience
  • Easy access to content, formatted for the BrightCove player
  • Real-time access to Diagonal View content via the Brightcove CMS

Getting Started Guide

  • License content from Diagonal View- on a revenue share or per-asset purchase, email for contract and commercial detail
  • Diagonal View will provide selected content via the Brightcove CMS
  • Simply select video assets for publication on your site
  • Joint Customers

    • Stardoll
    • Sports New Media
    • NewsQuest

Revenue share or fee per clip, we are flexible.