Content Theory

Content Theory's interactive video technology HitON, provides a complete turn key activated experience, enabling brands, content producers and hosts to reach its engaged modern audiences, closing the gap between traditional advertising and online video. HitON takes hypervideo to a new level, through eCommerce powered, data driven, multi-dimensional, interactive experiences.

Content Theory's game changing HTML5 based interactive video technology HitON, has been developed completely from the digital audience and consumer's perspective. HitON allows viewers to explore video content on their own terms - the technology minimises interruptions to content and unnecessary clicks and steps, driving deeper audience engagement to shorten the distance from viewing to discovering, purchasing or viewing related content; all within the real estate of the player window. The HitON interface incorporates web based interactions (swipe, touch, move), allowing the viewing audience to connect to a taxonomy of media; any object they interact with can be connected to any URL or additional film.

HitON enables a brand to reach its target audience across all relevant digital and social touch points, closing the gap between traditional advertising and online video. Not only does HitON take video-tagging to a new level, it revolutionises it by offering a platform for eCommerce powered, multi-dimensional, interactive experiences. The technology is fully customisable and utilises over 7 forms of interactive features, allowing publishers, hosts and content creators to tailor a fully bespoke interactive experience that aligns to content and campaign strategies.

Through our real time analytics dashboard, every HitON interactive video is tracked and monitored to help you improve your content moving forward. For the first time you’re able to track online video engagement, monitor trends and build insights, down to individual objects within a film.

HitON is designed to enhance and elevate various types of web-based long and short form content. It is supported by our collaborative approach to develop commercial revenue models that produce measurable, profitable results for our clients and their strategic partners and advertisers. Backed by interactive data, new revenue and monetisation opportunities now exist that actually encourage and facilitate audience engagement.


  • Fully functional and available on all tablets and mainstream browsers
  • Enhanced searchability for video
  • A fully bespoke platform with over 7 forms of interactivity available allowing customisation for any campaign
  • Full real time analytics access to provide audience and consumer insights never before available.
  • Measurable engagement
  • Full gamification integration to video content
  • An interactive solution that fully supports user interaction and viewing habits
  • Highly scalable for multiple and ongoing campaigns

The interactive layering of HitON is easily integrated into the Brightcove Video Cloud platform by:

  • Identifying objects within the film to be activated
  • Determine which forms of interactivity will be applied, including any customisation required to the player and/or experience
  • Provide Content Theory with access to the formatted video/s and assets
  • In most cases, activation of the video can occur within 24 hours, ready for testing, then publish

HitON's activation and licensing fee is typically calculated on a volume based matrix determined by the following variables:

  • Duration of content
  • Number of activation points within the video content
  • Editing of assets

HitON is fast, highly scalable and most importantly provides a measurable, tangible return on investment, with strong economies of scale for wider application and greater number of activated videos. Beyond activation fees, we have a range of other subsidisation options to facilitate innovative content monetisation opportunities, advertising revenue share and engaging strategic campaign partners and sponsorship.