Connesta was founded in 2011 by Eli Doron, Co-founder and President of RADVISION and Liron Levi. Connesta target the long tail market of content owners that would like to produce live events at affordable price and enhanced features.

Connesta offers a pay-as-you-go SaaS business model with no upfront investment, allowing content owners and producers to benefit from the ability to easily and instantly produce and distribute video of live events.

As a Cloud-based solution, all that is needed to produce, direct, edit and distribute a live event is an internet connection. There is no need to purchase, install and maintain any additional hardware. The simplicity of the solution enables a producer/director to be up and running live in 5 minutes, from any location around the world. The Value Proposition:

  • Live rich-media – live video/social networks/canned video/audio/text/ad content/images/.......
  • Brand creation and recognition - Insertion and overlay of text, audio or social network content
  • Cost – no capex, pay per use
  • Set up in minutes and connect from anywhere via a regular Internet link
  • Global reach - to users across the globe.
  • Stickiness – live content viewing is 4x to 10x longer than canned content

By integrating with Brightcove system, Brightcove customers will be able to add live events with rich, multi-source content by using remote cameras, video media files, graphics and social network inputs. The broadcast stream is fed to Brightcove distribution system and the recording of the live program is stored at Brightcove servers.

Brightcove customers that use Connesta may enter their credential at Brightcove. By that, they allow the integration of Connesta system with their account at Brightcove.At the relevant section in Connesta Program definition, like in downloading media files, there is an option to interact with the content of the account stored on Brightcove system, or streaming to the player of the account on Brightcove distribution.

Cost is approximately $130 per broadcasting hour