The comScore Digital Analytix platform is based on raw data processing and storage at its core. By collecting and storing data in its most elemental, granular format, comScore Digital Analytix clients have the power to analyze their business-critical data in the way that makes the most sense to their organization. No cubes to re-configure, and no data that is “held hostage.” Just all the data you need to grow your business.

Partnership Summary

comScore Digital Analytix and Brightcove have joined forces to offer accurate, real-time insights into how visitors are interacting with streaming content on the Brightcove platform. Broadcasters, publishers and other major media companies are able to optimize length, placement and message of their streaming content and improve ROI of their online investments.

The partnership provides Brightcove's clients with in-depth insight on video consumption, behavior and advertising effectiveness. This includes unique video duration, most repeated content, fast forward, rewind, number of replays, click behavior during advertising messages. Stream Sense™ reports also provide key information on how many visitors are unable to view the content due to errors, compatibility issues or excessive buffering times.

Traditionally, the commercial value of streaming media has been determined by the number of starts. However, the explosion of video consumption, viral distribution and in-stream advertising requires more in depth insights for Marketers to maximize revenues and determine the ROI of streams. With comScore Digital Analytix’s Stream Sense™ solution it is now possible to measure and evaluate content effectiveness in addition to costs and revenues of streams on the Brightcove Platform.

Fully integrated with Brightcove, Stream Sense™ tracks all unique visitor interactions, regardless of where the stream is hosted. This includes all videos distributed by viral sharing, syndication, or on your website.

Stream Sense™ can be seamlessly integrated with comScore Digital Analytix’s website analytics solution for a full view of visitor behavior across website and video content.

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  • No additional implementation required.
  • Real-time, granular analytics.
  • Single view of website and video usage.
  • Auditable, independent measurements.
  • Best of breed collaboration.


  • Stream Sense™ is fully integrated.
  • Instant implementation.
  • Real-time information.
  • Browser based measurements.
  • Measures all streams (live, on demand, streaming, progressive download).