Coincident TV

Coincident TV (CTV) is a San Francisco-based technology company that offers its CTV Experience Builder Suite for creating, communicating, and monetizing interactive video experiences across all digital devices and platforms. Online video is no longer just a video in a box on an HTML page. With Coincident TV, it's a unified, rich-media experience of platform-neutral, interactive and interconnected video.

The CTV Experience Builder Suite is a solution that allows you to create, deliver, and measure platform-neutral, immersive, interactive video experiences across digital devices. The suite consists of three main components: the CTV Editor Pro, the CTV Player Pro and CTV Analytics Pro. These tools provide a next-generation solution for assembling, delivering and analyzing interactive video experiences.

Coincident TV software is built on top of Coincident TV’s proprietary Cue Point Language (CPL), which is a powerful new XML-based language that describes non-linear structures in a mixture of temporal-based video and state-based web media. The language allows a content creator to build “cue points” at any spot in a video, linking to any graphical, video, or web asset — whether local or cloud-based.

CTV Editor Pro

The CTV professional editing tool is a desktop application that functions as an asset assembler and interactive video creation tool incorporating existing professional graphic and video formats. The editor generates a .ctv file which is a descriptive XML file associating sources of interactivity (web jumps, video links, SMS messaging, etc.) to markers within the video.

CTV Player Pro

The CTV professional player tool reads the .ctv files and offers a dynamic playback experience for the user that is altered based on the interaction between player and user. The player improves simplifies the navigation and movement between static- (web) and temporal- (video) based media. Players are currently available for browser and desktop playback.

CTV Analytics Pro

The CTV professional measurement tool is a comprehensive package that provides interactive video statistics for CTV web and desktop experiences. Measurement includes reporting of all session, temporal, geographic, source, exit, and dynamic viewer interaction.


  • Create interactive videos in both HTML5 and Flash
  • Connect or “wire up” all videos in Brightcove libraries into one video experience
  • Create and edit interactive videos using Brightcove URLs
  • Reduce time to create a hypervideo experience using Brightcove URLs
  • Leverage and monetize Brightcove video library assets
  • Technology license fees for CTV Player Pro, CTV Editor Pro and CTV Analytics Pro
  • CTV Player Pro: Interactive video stream playback fee
  • CTV Player Pro: Social media success fees
  • CTV Analytics: Priced per client package (Basic Free, Pro, and Customized)