Clikthrough leads the Clickable Video industry with the fastest, lightest, most advanced Video Monetization Platform the world has yet seen. Coupling innovative object-tagging software with our user experience expertise, Clikthrough is driving new paradigms in online video economics. Our solution elicits higher organic search ranking, longer elapsed video view times and unprecedented viewer engagement rates…and we have the numbers to prove it!

Audience engagement is the most critical element of any on-line video monetization strategy. Clikthrough develops tools and strategies that transform traditional static video into an immersive, interactive viewer experience. Acting as your Audience Engagement Agent, we offer solutions for media owners, branded content developers, digital agencies, advertisers and educators who are looking to capitalize on the incredible power of interactivity.

Our offering utilizes proprietary tagging software to link moving objects in video to, well, anything you want, really…Most commonly, links to the products, people and places featured in video drive the highest interaction and open the most compelling monetization opportunities.

This is not only an off-the-shelf solution. Leveraging the versatility of the Clikthrough Theater, media owners, in consultation with our digital strategy agents, design and configure an experience that optimizes your strategic objectives. It is our aim to enable media owners to exploit the unrealized value living within their video assets.

Clikthrough’s player is device agnostic, deploying on PC/Mac, Mobile, and iPad. A Clikthrough enabled video is embeddable to Facebook and will compliment your current social media strategy. We can call in Twitter feeds, RSS, create real time polling, introduce geo-location services, and modify and update hotspot data on the fly. The SEO value created by interactive video is so powerful that a strong case for Clikthrough’s interactive solution could be made on that basis alone.

Clikthrough is about performance. We are Audience Engagement…

Features & Benefits

  • More Traffic through optimized search
  • Longer Visits via an immersive and engaging video experience
  • Increased Brand Equity
  • New Monetization opportunities

Getting Started Guide

  • Identify items to be hotspotted in the video
  • Provide Clikthrough with access to videos
  • We identify all product, people, and place (P3) URL’s, descriptions, & prices unless you already have them
  • Video Player & Interactive experience can be customized to brand look and feel
  • Flat fee for service encoding
  • Revenue share on advertising
  • Monthly License Fee