cielo24 is an industrial grade, meta data media refinery delivering high quality searchable captions, indexes, transcripts and subtitles for the online education, enterprise and entertainment markets at high speed, near perfect quality, and low cost.

cielo24 delivers searchable captions for large media platform partners in the online education, enterprise, and entertainment markets. Our platform creates high quality, searchable data from unstructured media including indexes, transcripts and captions.

Our specialty is delivering highly integrated, customized, scalable solutions for our clients at high quality, low cost and speed.

Our focus is professional Internet media helping our clients deliver ROI for online media by extending reach, content discovery and equal access compliance. We provide all our products and integrations for a single low per minute price with no setup fees or minimum commitments. We will automate the captioning and subtitle process end to end.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help provide searchable captions for your application, please contact us at


  • High quality, fast and low cost searchable captions at volume.
  • Complete end to end automation of the captioning and subtitle workflow.
  • Allows Brightcove clients to be on the right side of the accessibility issue.
  • Captions and search significantly enhances content discovery and media monetization.

As a showcase, we have integrated our searchable caption cloud service with Brightcove to support the University of California online education initiative across the seven schools. Through our integration, the entire captioning process is automated. The UC schools simply upload the media to Brightcove and tag it for captions. After we create the captions and metadata, the client receives a notification to perform a final review. Once approved, the caption file is generated and hosted on Amazon S3, and the caption link is uploaded into Brightcove.

We utilize a hybrid model of automation and large public and private crowds to create near perfect searchable captions in two days for $1.50 per minute and one day for $2.00 per minute. We also offer native caption and meta data service in six additional languages including Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese at $2.50 per minute (two day turnaround). We are adding Japanese and Korean shortly. We offer translation between these languages at $3.00 per minute (two day turnaround). There are no set up fees or minimum commitments.