Built in partnership with top global media sites, Chartbeat Publishing was designed to help online teams connect the right content with the right audience at the right time. Our real-time analytics platform measures your audience’s time and attention—how long visitors spend actively reading, writing, watching—so you know what content is resonating with your visitors.

As part of the Chartbeat Publishing ecosystem, the Video Dashboard makes it easy to understand your video in context—when and where you’re capturing viewers’ attention, and how your videos impact their overall experience on your website.

Features & Benefits

Once you integrate Chartbeat Publishing with your Brightcove player, you’ll gain access to the real-time Chartbeat Video Dashboard and its historical companion, the Daily Video Perspective. These tools are designed to surface new opportunities and highlight the impact of each video.

Use the Video Dashboard to see:

  • How many people are watching each of your videos right at this moment, so you know what's doing well and what isn't, and so you can take action in real time.
  • How a video is doing on each page that has it embedded, whether on your site or an outside site, so you can understand how each video is actually performing.
  • Which pages on your site are doing well but don't have a video, so you can place videos on high-performing pages and increase video views and engagement.
  • How much of each video is actually being watched, right down to the second, so you understand your audience's actual experience with the content.
  • How often people are playing a video when they see it loaded on a page, so you can understand actual video starts.
  • How many people are abandoning a video before getting through a pre-roll ad, so you can understand the impact of your ads on your audience's viewing behavior.

Pricing for the Video Dashboard varies from site to site, and is based on a combination of two metrics: the amount of traffic and the amount of audience engagement. We’ll assess both of these numbers during the free trial period to formulate pricing that fits the needs of your site.

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