Agility Inc.

Agility is cloud-based software for managing internally produced and user generated content across web, mobile and social media.

We help publishers and broadcasters find innovative ways to monetize their digital content.

Agility clients include Subaru, Campbell’s, Uncle Ben’s, Whiskas, World Fishing Network, Cineplex, Corus Entertainment and CTV.

Agility is cloud-based software for managing digital content and publishing across web, mobile and social media. We work with publishers and broadcasters to help them maximize the monetization of their digital content inventory. Our partner network works closely with us to implement customized content management solutions across a variety of industries. Customers include Oprah Winfrey Network, Bell Media, Business News Network, World Fishing Network, Oxygen Magazine, MuscleMag, Whiskas, Subaru, Uncle Ben’s and Campbells.

Integration with Brightcove

Agility integrates with Brightcove to handle video transcoding, management and playback. There are two components of the integration. First, with internally produced content, Agility users can manage Brightcove videos directly from the Agility content management interface. Secondly, videos that users submit from the website are moderated through the Agility user generated content engine and then sent to Brightcove for transcoding when moderators publish the videos.


With the Agility/Brightcove partnership, publishers, broadcasters and brands get best-of-breed solutions for both digital content management and video management. The integration is seamless for the end user and optimizes the content editing and publishing workflow across all content types.

Getting Started Guide

You can get started by accessing our trial account here.

Agility packages start at $200 per month. Complete details of Agility pricing are available here.