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agencyQ is an interactive agency headquartered in Washington, DC. A diverse, award-winning team of consultants, designers, and technologists, together we explore, experiment, and collaborate to imagine one-of-a-kind ideas, beautiful designs, and clever, technology-driven solutions. We harness the latest technologies to tell meaningful stories and create inspired online experiences. Smart, observant, social, we are a passionate, enthusiastic bunch who stand committed to getting our clients noticed and leveraging the web to achieve their business goal.

agencyQ leverages Brightcove to facilitate our clients’ customer engagement. Our User Experience practice analyzes the needs of specific audience groups, structuring copy, brand assets, functional components and video to meet the needs of diverse audience groups. Content must address users looking for quick information as well as those looking for in depth expertise.

We utilize Videocloud to deliver complex content to convert highly engaged audiences into brand advocates and short, direct video to convert casual visitors into leads. The Videocloud is the tactical realization of the strategic need for multi-channel, measurable, scalable content that our complex CMS, mobile and custom applications demand. Video, delivered via Brightcove, allows Q to design long-tail content, which can be integrated both contextually and within complex technical architectures.