Adways has developed the most innovative and easy-to-use cloud-based platform to create HTML5 interactive videos. “Adways-Studio” can add interactive elements and dynamically publish them in a few clicks. Interactive video creation becomes effortless, driving tremendous productivity, high engagement and tremendous ROI.

Features & Benefits

Adways has developed a dynamic platform with plenty of features to increase productivity:

  • Familiar video-editing interface
  • Video timeline and layer manager
  • Automatic key frame animations with tracking algorithms
  • Interactive hot spot editor (Pulsing circle, image, logo, text)
  • Customizable template library (Video with in the video, Photo Gallery, Shopping Cart, Social media, iframe)
  • Instant publish across devices (smartphones, tablets, websites, interactive booths)
  • Drag and drop operations

Seamless interactivity:
All these features increase productivity and allow publishers to add click-to-action “hotspots” on top of the existing video. Hotspots trigger extra interactive content such as quizzes, videos, photo galleries, shopping carts or social media.
Making a video interactive could take several weeks. With Adways Studio, you can do so in less than 30 minutes as the platform allows you to add fixed or dynamic hotspots and link them to dynamic content (quizzes, image, videos, URL) with a simple click. Adways dynamically publishes interactive video to any platform in real-time. Interactive video creation becomes effortless and drives tremendous productivity at scale.
Publishers engage, retain and grow their audience. They can enrich directly their existing videos and make them more relevant with a seamless interactivity. In a non-intrusive way, viewers trigger their own interaction with the video, clicking only on their point of interest.
Metrics and Analytics:
With Adways, publishers track viewer behaviors and adapt their experiences accordingly. They can analyze the metrics in real-time and adapt the experience accordingly to make it more relevant and reach a larger audience. Adways is well adapted for advertising, brand communication, e-commerce, and editorial content… on all devices including smartphones, tablets, web sites or interactive booths.

Integration Overview

Brightcove publishers can leverage Adways' integration by following these steps:

Free trial available for Brightcove customers.
Adways has a Licensing Model (based on the number of videos published every month, up to 10, 30, 50, 100, 100+) starting price at $490/month.

Licensing Model includes:

  • Integration, testing, training and assistance in creating the first interactive video
  • Full access to the cloud-based “Adways Studio”
  • HTML5 interactive video
  • Real-time publishing to any platform
  • Unlimited views / plays
  • Metrics
  • Support

Adways has an Agency Model, offering:

  • Tailor-made service
  • Project and scope definition
  • Creative brief
  • Project manager and creative director support
  • Template customization
  • Pricing per project

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