Proud digital partner to some of the biggest names in sport. We’re responsible for creating, developing and managing digital platforms, reaching millions of sports fans every day; whether that’s the official Rugby or Cricket World Cup website or the Premier League’s iOS and Android apps. Pulselive forms a key part of the Sony Sports Innovations Group with a shared mission to deliver best-in-class officiating, broadcast and digital solutions to the sports world.

Pulselive’s repeated use of Brightcove is largely driven by the robustness of their platform, their commitment to ongoing investment and the ability to efficiently build on top of it. The Experience Platform is already deeply integrated with Brightcove, enabling the majority of video workflow to be carried out within the Experience Platform. This makes for a simple workflow for editorial staff, with the ability to easily tag and cross reference content and entities (teams, athletes, events, stats). All video content can be searched for within the Experience Platform, making it easy to curate content and embed in other content types, such as articles, live blogs and athlete pages. This level of integration means it is very easy to deliver seamless video experiences throughout every part of the website and app.

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