Glisser offers both a ready-to-go event platform and a completely bespoke solution that lets you take control of the look and feel of your virtual events.

Glisser’s technology platform enables companies to power engaging meeting and event experiences for their customers, partners, investors and employees, face-to-face, online, and in-between. The worlds of work and events have changed forever – and the way you engage your employees and attendees needs to change too. Glisser offers a hybrid solution with engagement at the core, enabling companies to achieve a 20-40% increase in revenue. Professionals are now participating in 7 video calls a day on average – Glisser helps your meetings and events stand out from the crowd.

With Glisser Elements you get our award-winning platform distilled down to its purest form. Our new low-code software tools enable you to create unique virtual environments that fully integrate into your own website.

Using Glisser Elements, clients can customize the audience experience with complete control over each visual component, screen layout, and navigation. Glisser provides secure and scalable plug-and-play components based upon enterprise-grade technologies built to cope with high user volumes and activity surges that could crash other platforms.

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