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3Play Media provides premium captioning, transcription, and translation services, as well as interactive video plugins that boost video SEO and make your video searchable, accessible, and more engaging.

3Play Media's services and tools are seamlessly integrated with Brightcove. You can transfer your videos directly from your Brightcove account to 3Play Media for processing. After your captions have been processed, they are automatically sent back to your Brightcove account. The Brightcove player automatically communicates with 3Play Media to display closed captions and multilingual subtitles. The Brightcove player also supports an interactive transcript, as well as video SEO and search plugins.

Captioning and Transcription

We deliver competitively priced captions and transcripts that are more than 99% accurate, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, technical content, or accents. After your videos have been transferred from Brightcove, they are processed by professional transcriptionists who leverage our advanced technology, process, and workflow. You can output final transcripts to text or HTML. Your captions will automatically show up in Brightcove or you can download a variety of captions formats for other publishing options.

Interactive Transcripts

Adding an interactive transcript to your Brightcove player allows your users to interact with your video in an entirely new way. Users can search the video and navigate by clicking on any word to jump to that exact point. It’s also a great way to make your video accessible and broaden your audience reach with the use of translations. You’ll see a significant SEO benefit because search engines will be able to index all of the spoken content instead of just the video title and tags. Also, users will be able to share sections of a video by simply highlighting the text, driving even more traffic to your site.

Captions Plugin

The captions plugin lets you add closed captions or multilingual subtitles to any Brightcove player (otherwise, you have to use the Brightcove Accessible Player). It also makes your video searchable, SEO-friendly, and supports multiple language tracks.

Search Across Your Entire Video Library

The archive search plugin allows you to search across an entire video library (or any subset). Search results are displayed on visual timelines for all relevant video files. You can expand a segment to view its corresponding transcript or begin playing the media from that point.

Features and Benefits

  • Search and Discoverability: Empowers your users to search within a transcript or across an entire video library. Click on a word, or even a search result within the archive, and jump to that specific point in a video.
  • Boost Video SEO: You’ll see a significant SEO benefit because search engines will be able to index all of the spoken content instead of just the video title and tags.
  • Accessibility: Makes your content available to more than 48 million people in the U.S. (15% of the population!) who have hearing disabilities and millions more who speak English as a second language.
  • Engagement: Increases the amount of time that an average user spends watching a video and gives your users the flexibility to view content in noisy or sound-sensitive environments, like a workplace.
  • Translation: High quality translation extends your global reach
  • Simplified workflow: 3Play Media is seamlessly integrated with Brightcove

Getting Started

1. Contact 3Play Media to set up an account.
2. Set up the linkage between Brightcove and 3Play Media.
3. Select videos to process.

  • Service fees per video hour, prorated to the exact duration of each video
  • No minimum.
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