Video Platform Features

Security and Reliability

Secure and reliable platform built for leading global organizations

Whether your videos are for public-facing audiences or private internal communications, Brightcove makes it easy to deliver high-quality video experiences with security and control to any device. With support for the most sophisticated, studio-grade content protection and advanced security features like watermarking, domain and IP restrictions, and geo-restriction, Brightcove helps you deliver even the most sensitive video content with security and confidence.

Content Protection and Encryption

Reach employees and constituents on any device with a wide-range of advanced security features. Video Cloud makes it easy to control your content with support for watermarking, content encryption, token protection, and DRM.

Domain and IP Restriction

Pinpoint exactly when and where your content is displayed to comply with global launch roll-out schedules or secure behind-the-firewall delivery. Video Cloud makes it easy to restrict access to your videos by domain, IP address, or publication date. Restricting access to sensitive videos by IP address range ensures content is accessible only from within approved networks.


Have a video that can’t be distributed outside of a certain geographic region? With Video Cloud, you can ensure that you meet your specific geo-restriction, security and/or content license obligations for distribution with advanced geofiltering features. This feature is available through Brightcove partners, but is fully integrated and can be accessed directly from Video Cloud.

Remote Assets

Deliver high-quality video experiences to your employees without the content ever leaving your firewall. With Video Cloud's Remote Asset mode, enterprises supply Brightcove with the metadata and file location for videos, but the actual assets are never uploaded to Video Cloud. The video player and metadata are served from Video Cloud, but the video is served from the enterprise's own content delivery network, providing an extra layer of security.

Industry-Leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Brightcove leads the industry with our best-in-class Service Level Agreement. It is our mission to make it easy for our customers to deliver the best possible video experience to their viewers. We have a singular focus on providing an amazing product and maintaining the stability and reliability of our solution. This enables us to deliver on our mission to our customers.

Proven Success

Trust your content to a proven solution. Brightcove arranges for rigorous third-party security assessments of Video Cloud to be conducted at least once per year, including network and application vulnerability threats, penetration testing and application security framework controls auditing.

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