Reach viewers on mobile devices, everywhere

Simplify delivery of your online videos to every kind of device. Brightcove Video Cloud provides mobile-ready video encoding, robust software development kits, intelligent device detection and powerful mobile web player templates that make it dramatically easier to reach mobile audiences via the mobile web and mobile apps.

Smart Players simplify mobile delivery

Smart Players simplify mobile video delivery

Smart Players are a convenient and powerful way to deliver video content in both Flash and HTML5. There’s no need to create and manage separate video players for each viewer environment and you don't need any additional code on your website. Using a single embed code Smart Players automatically detect the devices viewing your video and deliver the appropriate format for that environment. Smart players support all of Video Cloud’s advanced styling features, including point-and-click style editing and BEML customization. Player styles are automatically rendered in both Flash and HTML player instances.

Upload once, let Universal Delivery Service take care of the rest

Upload videos once, let Universal Delivery Service take care of the rest

Video Cloud Universal Delivery Service lets you upload once to deliver across both desktop browsers and iOS devices. Simplify your publishing workflow with the ability to publish across platforms from a single source file and account to bringing fresh media to your entire audience in no time at all.

Brightcove Experience for iOS

Video Cloud Experience for iOS

Accounting for over 60 percent of mobile Internet traffic, iOS devices reach highly-engaged audiences with rich, branded mobile video experiences. Video Cloud gives you everything you need to get up and running fast with captivating apps that leverage the full power of this online video platform, including a fully-supported Video Cloud Native Player SDK for iOS, HTML5 player templates and automatic device detection.

Native Player SDK for iOS

Native Player SDK for iOS

The Video Cloud Native Player SDK for iOS makes it easy to utilize Video Cloud's Media APIs to deliver videos and playlists to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices. Complete documentation and developer articles in the Brightcove support center accelerate your app development project. Inspiring sample apps for iPhone and iPad give you an advanced starting point with support for distinctive iOS visual effects like Cover Flow navigation and built-in social sharing controls.

Brightcove Experience for Android

Video Cloud Experience for Android

With more than 100,000 new smart phones, tablets and connected TVs coming online daily, the Android platform is breaking records for growth. Organizations of all sizes are developing engaging custom apps for the flexible, open Android platform and setting up their content for Android mobile browser delivery. Video Cloud provides everything you need to reach this rapidly growing audience and deliver breakthrough video experiences to Android devices.

Native Player SDK for Android

Native Player SDK for Android

The Video Cloud Native Player SDK for Android provides the tools you need to accelerate development of highly interactive video app experiences. The fully-supported and -documented SDK includes a sample application, libraries for accessing and playing your media and full reporting capabilities.

Mobile optimized player templates

Mobile optimized player templates

Create great mobile experiences with new player templates that offer user interface controls, gestures and behaviors specifically designed for video viewing on compact, multi-touch smart phone screens. Organizations can bring their content to mobile audiences with full support for player styling, security, deep analytics, sophisticated advertising and the full universe of over 150 powerful player plug-ins from Brightcove Alliance Partners.