Monetize Video | Video Advertising Made Easy

Maximize the revenue potential of video

For many video publishers, video is their business, and it’s critical to maximize revenue opportunities. Video Cloud users can deploy a range of business models, from AVOD to SVOD and transactional models.

Ad management made easy

Quickly and easily insert ads into your video content to drive revenue. Video Cloud provides built-in support for all standard IAB video ad formats, and accommodates pre-, mid- and post-roll ads with tools to easily define insertion points. For more customized implementations, the Video Cloud Advertising SDK and ad policy SDK offer more fine-grained control.


Integrate with industry standards

Emerging industry standards VAST and VPAID give advertisers and publishers uniform ways of creating, trafficking, and tracking campaigns across properties. Ad serving technologies work universally across Flash and HTML5 video environments. Video Cloud supports up to VAST 4.0, and VPAID, and Brightcove is a leading contributor to the development of these standards. Or use ad display SWFs to display unique ad formats in your players.


Ad Servers and Ad Networks

Video Cloud supports integrations with leading ad solutions from Freewheel, Liverail, Google DART for Publishers (DFP and DFP Small Business, including IMA 3), DART Enterprise, OpenX, the leading open source ad server technology.