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SportsPro OTT Series: The Secrets To Media Monetisation

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SportsPro’s OTT Series is a leading online webinar series that aims to equip technical leaders within the sports broadcast and streaming space with the knowledge they need to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Drawing on expertise from across the global SportsPro OTT network, this webinar series is laser-focused on tech solutions, the impact of gamification, unlocking fan monetisation, just to name a few.


How to monetise your media content is undoubtedly a challenge, but it is also an opportunity. Where subscription-based models once reigned supreme, sports must now embrace advertising to generate additional revenue. From the technologies that drive efficient monetisation, to the content strategies that underpin them, this edition will explore how to choose and implement the ‘right’ monetisation model to commercialise audiences and attract new fans.

Keynote Session: Behind the scenes of British Basketball League’s content monetisation strategy


Aaron Radin, CEO - British Basketball League
Lydia Fairfax, Founder - Triple Crown Consulting

Panel Discussion: Unlocking profit potential: Finding the right monetisation model


Aviram Bogin, SVP, Business and Go To Market - DAZN
Marta Aparicio Barcones, Head of Digital Strategy - LALIGA
Pierdamiano Tomagra, Head of Digital - Serie A
Dan Steele, VP, Sales EMEA - Brightcove


Dan Steele

VP, Sales EMEA

Dan Steele runs Brightcove’s EMEA business in his role as VP. In his 7 years at Brightcove, he has been at the forefront of partnerships with many of the largest publishers and broadcasters in Europe. Dan has also led teams around the world, working with the largest media brands in North America, Japan and Asia.

Having previously worked in the digital media space with a number of large telcos, consumer brands, and agencies, Dan has been involved in some highly innovative projects related to display advertising and audience measurement. He was also there at the start of the smartphone and app revolution, working with a number of brands to deliver cutting-edge consumer experiences.

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