How TN Marketing Reaches More Audiences On More Platforms

How TN Marketing Reaches More Audiences On More Platforms

TN Marketing, headquartered in Minnesota, is a global video streaming service focused on creating communities by engaging people with their passions. Its how-to instruction, centered around lifelong hobbies, reaches members in more than 150 countries. With multiple digital brand properties, a large number of subject matter experts and nearly 2,000 hours of owned instructional content, TN Marketing delivers engaging content to its online subscribers and visitors every day.


The Woodworkers Guild of America, GetHealthyU TV, and the National Bowling Academy, are just some of the communities that have been created and cultivated by TN Marketing. With more than 5 million registered enthusiasts in more than 150 countries, the need to provide fresh, robust and high-quality content has never been greater. What’s more, this content must engage audiences on all the different platforms and devices available today.

As more consumers cut the cord and subscribe to app-based streaming services such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV, there’s a growing desire for a lean-back experience. For example, a woodworking enthusiast might sit down in the living room for a longer video inspiring a new project. But then, he heads to his workshop and watches how-to instruction on his phone amid the tools and sawdust. These different viewing experiences inform and fuel a hobbyist’s passion, and it was vital for TN Marketing to ensure a high level of engagement every time.


TN Marketing needed a solution to extend its reach to new devices and platforms as it focused on three main priorities:

  • Seamless experiences: To add value to its existing member base, a seamless and consistent experience across devices increases member loyalty and viewing time.
  • Brand extension: To create new global avenues for brand awareness and member acquisition through new partners and platforms.
  • Viewer insight: Use analytics to better understand content preferences and viewing behaviors, enabling TN Marketing to guide content development planning efforts.

However, expanding into the connected TV market with such a large number of branded online communities would require extensive technology investments if done in-house and constant upkeep as platform requirements shift over time.

TN Marketing screen capture


TN Marketing turned to Brightcove® for a solution to deliver high-quality connected TV applications across its branded properties. Brightcove Beacon was recommended as a solution built to meet its current over-the-top (OTT) needs and serve as a scalable delivery service as the device landscape continues to evolve.

“We chose Brightcove Beacon to develop our direct-to-consumer OTT applications because its platform makes it easy to configure consistent TV-like experiences for our individual audience needs, thereby helping us get to market as efficiently as possible” said Neil Rice, Vice President of Technology at TN Marketing. “With our long relationship, we knew we could count on Brightcove to deliver the video experience our viewers have come to expect as we expand our presence onto these new platforms.”

The company has launched its branded applications on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. With more devices and platforms undoubtedly on the way, Brightcove Beacon remains the ideal solution to help TN Marketing meet the needs of its evolving audience.

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