Case Study

Online Security Leader Symantec Grows Video Marketing Use by 650% in 3 Years

We’ve gone from the early days where we were doing maybe 20 videos a quarter to now where we’re averaging 150 or 160 different titles a quarter.
Greg PostenDirector, Content Strategy and Storytelling, Symantec

Symantec was founded in 1982 by visionary computer scientists. The company has evolved to become one of the world’s largest software companies with more than 18,500 employees in more than 50 countries. Symantec provides security, storage and systems management solutions to help their customers secure and manage their information-driven world against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently.


While already using video, the company was fast discovering that they were outgrowing their existing platform. Symantec marketers wanted greater control over branding and user experiences than their current solution allowed. And their IT department demanded higher security.


Choosing Brightcove as its video platform partner enabled Symantec to focus on strategies that accelerated demonstrable business value from video marketing. Symantec “cracked the code” in developing a broad video marketing program that now produces 150 videos each quarter - up from only 20 videos three years ago. With organizational buy-in at every level, the company today reaches its customers through video at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Choosing a Video Platform that Meets Current and Future Needs

Symantec started by making a list of what was important relative to their current needs, while at the same time anticipating future growth. They sought a video platform that would scale as their video marketing program evolved, as well as one that was easy to use.

Like many companies, Symantec started with YouTube for their videos. As the company gained more experience, however, they found themselves outgrowing it. Symantec’s marketers wanted greater control over branding and the user experience than YouTube allowed, and their IT team wanted greater security for the sensitive information conveyed in their internal video messages. After a careful evaluation Symantec turned to Brightcove, one of the first online video platforms (OVPs). Symantec was drawn by Brightcove’s social syndication, easy publishing options, simple versioning of video content, effective analytics, its robust partner ecosystem, and effective security.

Today, Symantec uses a wide range of Brightcove products including Brightcove Video Cloud and customized players which reach end users across desktop and mobile platforms. They are also replacing their outdated Symantec TV portal with Brightcove Gallery video portal experiences for everything from video on demand for corporate updates to employee training and community building.

Creating a Video Centric Culture by Demystifying Video

At Symantec, as in many organizations, business and technical leaders were unfamiliar with - and a bit afraid of - video. As a result, the first step in establishing video as a core marketing and communication medium was to find a low risk use case that delivered clear, visible value. For Symantec, this initial use case was internal executive messages. As a geographically distributed company with a global customer base, Symantec started with executives delivering corporate updates via live and on-demand video. This was easy to justify based on cost and time savings and allowed for more regular communication. Its success created credibility, familiarity, and comfort with video as a communication tool.

Increasing the Use of Video Throughout the Organization

Once the value of video had been demonstrated, the next challenge was to scale the use of video broadly across the organization. Initially video was a “free” service to the business units owned by a central group. But “free” also meant constrained. To expand the use of video, Symantec turned that model on its head and put the budget in the hands of the business units. Once the business units became “customers” and realized how successful video was at helping them achieve their goals, they were eager to make video part of their own budget requests to management. The result was more budget for video marketing and internal communication projects.

While it decentralized video budgets, Symantec retained a professional, centralized, in-house video production team. This approach allowed each business unit to buy high quality video services at reasonable cost.

By combining a decentralized video budget process with centralized, in-house video production Symantec has been able to produce far more video assets than if it had been owned by a single group. Brightcove Video Cloud supports this approach by enabling the central production team to focus on content and production, as opposed to delivery.

Maximizing ROI by Integrating with Marketing and Sales Automation Tools

Video plays a specific role at each stage of Symantec’s customers’ buying journey. Brand and product videos support creating initial awareness, nurturing engagement, and promoting conversion. How-to and support videos drive loyalty, reduce support costs, and promote advocacy to other prospective customers. The integration of video with marketing automation platforms and other marketing technologies allows a level of measurement, targeting, and tracking that delivers a visible return on investment, which management demands.

Symantec started by focusing on videos to create awareness, initially measuring basic player metrics and page analytics (views, play rate, device type, referral source, bounce back). Today, 40% of Symantec’s video efforts aim to drive higher retention and to reduce support costs. Because Brightcove OVP integrates so easily with the Eloqua platform, Symantec is able to receive detailed data to guide their overall marketing efforts.

Building a Flexible, Stellar Video Team to deliver strong ROI

Symantec follows a highly flexible video team model that allows them to keep their fixed costs low but scale as needed to meet ever-changing demand. Symantec uses a small, core team of highly talented publishers and editors who are full-time Symantec employees. This core team is augmented by a strong network of freelancers, including producers, editors, camera operators, and audio engineers.

This model works for Symantec because they invest time and effort into creating and nurturing their internal video team. Their approach also helps them attract the best freelance talent around because it gives team members tremendous flexibility and a wide range of projects to work on.

The Bottom Line: Business Value Drives 650% Growth

Implementing and growing a video marketing program has delivered tremendous value to the business. Symantec began to see demonstrable results two years into the new initiative. Since then, the results have been spectacular. Driven by business unit demand, Symantec’s video program has grown from 20 videos per quarter to more than 150 per quarter today, delivering a strong ROI for their business units and greatly improved internal communications.