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Sun Microsystems provides network computing infrastructure solutions, including computer systems, software, storage and services. The company can be found in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

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Together, Brightcove and Omniture SiteCatalyst provide access to much deeper analytics on individual assets, which help us to determine the video content that is most effective and where we are seeing the best results and lead conversions.

Linda Crowe
Group Manager, Media Strategy & Production

Several years ago, Sun began to make rich media content a major part of its website experience to help educate customers about its range of solutions. Since then, the organization has worked to expand its rich media strategy by tapping into the power of the industry’s leading online video platform from Brightcove and online marketing and analytics platform from Omniture through Omniture Genesis.

Measuring success

When Sun began its rich media and website marketing efforts, the company did not have a centralized system in place to streamline the process of creating and distributing its video and multimedia content. In the last two years, Sun has revamped its entire rich media strategy by rolling out the industry’s leading online video platform from Brightcove. With Brightcove, Sun has a single, comprehensive solution to cover the gamut of their online video publishing and distribution needs.

Using Brightcove enabled Sun to quickly streamline the entire online video publication process, as Sun can easily create, manage and customize videos all through the Brightcove platform. The benefits of Sun’s enhanced productivity were seen immediately, as video assets that once took up to 24 hours to post were now able to be posted in under five minutes.

Once Sun had successfully streamlined its video production, publishing and distribution processes with Brightcove, the organization recognized the need to solve its next problem – how to measure the success and optimize its video efforts. Sun needed a deeper way to determine which content was resonating, with whom, and where on the site this content resided in order to extend the success of its Brightcove roll out and to take its online video initiatives to the next level.

The Brightcove / Omniture solution

Sun has used Omniture SiteCatalyst to measure visitor activity on all of its website properties extensively. Omniture has built a deep integration with the Brightcove platform through Omniture Genesis, a marketing platform and a component of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite that integrates complementary third-party applications with Omniture products, in order to give marketers like Sun out-of-the-box access to solutions for optimizing campaign performance and conversion for their video content. The integration enables seamless communication between Sun’s Brightcove video assets and Omniture SiteCatalyst online analytics to help Sun quickly identify the most profitable paths through its website, determine where visitors are navigating away from the site, and identify critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns. “When we integrated Omniture with Brightcove, it was a huge win for us,” said Linda Crowe, group manager for media strategy and production at Sun. “The ability to add online metrics from Omniture SiteCatalyst into the video player for each individual asset is extremely powerful. Together, Brightcove and Omniture SiteCatalyst provide access to much deeper analytics on individual assets, which help us to determine the video content that is most effective and where we are seeing the best results and lead conversions.”

The Brightcove / Omniture integration has enabled Sun to understand how best to adjust its production processes by providing details on which audiences like which particular content.

“There is often an assumption in video production, particularly for the B2B space, that if your message is longer than 2 minutes, people will not watch it,” said Crowe. “While we’ve found that to be true for high level, marketing-oriented content, the Brightcove / Omniture integration has enabled us to see that when we do tech deep dives, audiences will sit and listen for up to 20 minutes if the content is meaty enough. As a result, we’ve been able to adjust and optimize our website content strategy to meet the needs of our various audiences in a more effective way.”

Skyrocketing traffic, conversions and production efficiencies

Since Sun has integrated its Brightcove assets with Omniture SiteCatalyst, the organization has been able to create more relevant, targeted content, which has led site visitors to watch more video content and spend more time on Sun.com. Sun has also drastically improved its call to action conversions associated with its video content. Prior to the Brightcove / Omniture integration, Sun was seeing around an 8-10% lead conversion rate on videos viewed. Now that the organization is able to measure and target content more effectively, conversions have more than doubled.

Sun has also been able to reduce its video production costs with the help of Brightcove and Omniture.

“Because we’re able to better target our content, we can save money in video production costs by producing the right content and not producing the wrong content,” said Crowe. “We’ve been able to save nearly 25% of our budget as a result of the Brightcove / Omniture integration because we’re producing more effective, impactful video content.”

Sun has also evolved its content syndication strategy by leveraging the openness and easy embedding and sharing features in the Brightcove platform. Brightcove enables Sun to easily syndicate and distribute its video content to third party networks and sites. By integrating Omniture SiteCatalyst with the Brightcove platform, Sun is now able to see exactly where videos are gaining popularity and traction, as well as which videos have strong viral potential. One video in particular created by two Sun employees to comically illustrate how vibrations and noise in the data center can impact storage devices was picked up by a host of third party sites, including a technical journal in Germany which generated 35,000 views in just the first few weeks.

Sun’s overall video views have also tripled since launching with Brightcove last year, and the numbers continue to rise. Sun is now generating around 150,000 views per month, which is a major increase from the 50,000 views Sun experienced around the launch of its ChannelSun video portal last year. Thanks to the Omniture integration, Sun can now measure which videos are being viewed all the way through. The organization has found that not only are viewers requesting more videos, they’re also watching longer.

In the future, Sun plans to continue to evolve its video strategy and deepen its Brightcove / Omniture integration to extend the measurements beyond just video and into other multimedia assets such as audio and interactive content. The organization hopes to accommodate new media types, new measurement formats and new syndication capabilities.

“We’ve discovered that it’s really not rocket science,” said Crowe. “Figure out what your audience likes, measure it, and make better decisions about what types of content you produce in the future.”