How Simpliv Powers over 100,000 Training Videos

How Simpliv Powers over 100,000 Training Videos

With a wide array of self-paced and live courses, Simpliv is transforming lives as a leader in the global online learning marketplace. With a focus on making education accessible to all, its training has reached over 36,000 students in over 180 countries. From IT and business courses to classes on self-empowerment, healing, nutrition or productivity, Simpliv continues its mission of removing barriers to education with powerful video content that’s powered by Brightcove.®


The global e-Learning market, fueled by technology advancements, increased internet availability and new education models, is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025. Driving that rapid growth is the use of video, creating a powerful one-to-one connection that closes the virtual gap between student and instructor. From live streamed lectures and classes to on-demand courses, video brings the classroom to any student in any location on almost any device, making learning and development more accessible than ever before. Simpliv is a recognized provider in the online learning marketplace, offering over 5,000 educational courses prepared by over 3,000 experts including authors, educators, coaches, and business leaders. Whether you’re looking to earn a certificate in cyber security, become a better public speaker or learn Italian before your next trip, Simpliv continues its mission of transforming lives with 100,000 video lessons offered by Simpliv.


Simpliv gathers video content from 3,000 different instructors, and then turns that content into over 100,000 videos and classes that will be available on iOS, Apple TV, Android, Fire OS, Chromecast, Windows and more. Knowing this could be a complex task, Simpliv chose Brightcove’s Zencoder™ technology right from the start to ensure a smooth, reliable and fast encoding process. “Brightcove does a great job converting our videos into multiple formats for multiple devices,” said Anand Verma, Technical Head of Simpliv. “It has made our process of uploading and encoding very easy.” Of course, a major factor in the encoding process is speed, especially when Simpliv is encoding approximately 6,000 to 8,000 videos a month, equaling roughly 413,445 minutes of video each month. Brightcove delivers the fastest encoding times in the cloud, and makes the process happen faster than real-time. “If we submit a video that’s 5 minutes in duration, Brightcove can encode that video approximately 50% faster than real time,” said Verma. This unmatched speed, combined with Brightcove’s scalability and high-quality results, gives Simpliv everything it needs to maintain a robust and thriving platform in the global online learning marketplace.


Brightcove’s Zencoder solution gives developers the tool they need to have complete confidence in the encoding process. “It’s the best in the market,” said Verma. “The Zencoder UI is superb as it provides all the information about the jobs and output.” What’s more, this enterprise-class video encoding is available at a fraction of what it would cost for companies to maintain their own transcoding engine. All this, combined with Zencoder’s 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, makes it an ideal solution for the technical minds who are responsible for Simpliv. And they, in turn, deliver an outstanding video experience for thousands of curious minds in countries across the globe who count on Simpliv for an education without boundaries.

Zencoder does a very good job converting our videos into multiple formats, and it can be supported by multiple devices. That’s just what we wanted.
Shahanshah ManzoorFounder & CEO, Simpliv

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