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Shure Incorporated Amps Up Video Content, Increasing Video Views and Website Traffic

Shure Incorporated Amps Up Video Content, Increasing Video Views and Website Traffic
Brightcove has been incredibly useful as a content delivery vehicle. The video content management capabilities in Brightcove, along with the ability to put things into playlists and tag them, has been very helpful in organizing that process for us.
Ryan LavertySenior Web Designer for Shure

Shure Incorporated is widely acknowledged as the world's leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics. The company designs and produces high-quality professional and consumer audio products that have become legendary for performance, reliability and value. Shure’s diverse product lines include world-class wired microphones, wireless microphones and in-ear personal monitor systems, headphones for performers, presenters and recordists, award-winning earphones and headsets for use with MP3 players and smart phones and top-rated phonograph cartridges for professional DJs. The company has additional manufacturing facilities and regional sales offices in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark, and the United States.


Shure’s global presence throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia calls for online video content to be translated into several different languages. Through 2009, video formats and distribution methods differed widely between international offices, and Shure’s North American headquarters recognized the need to unify its video platform across all different brands and product lines.

In 2010, Shure planned to launch a new high-tier, specialized wireless microphone system called Axient. The launch provided Shure with an opportunity to create a global, multi-lingual microsite devoted to the product line that would better communicate its uses and special features to a niche audience. Shure’s Web team began exploring different video platform and distribution options to use for the Axient microsite, and possibly as a corporate-wide investment opportunity.


Brightcove online video platform, August 2010.


  • Created new product engagement opportunities
  • Increased video and page views
  • Facilitated content management and distribution
  • Provided additional viewing and sharing opportunities

Brightcove Attributes

Engaging, Organized, Easy

New product demonstration and engagement opportunities

Shure created to host product features, descriptions and video for a technical audience, particularly audio engineers. Axient and its accompanying microsite were launched in January 2011 at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) tradeshow, the largest industry gathering for musical instrument retailers. Brightcove had recently introduced its support for HTML5 video content, and Shure seized the opportunity to provide portable viewing experiences for Axient-related content to target audiences during the tradeshow.

“Prior to the show, we embedded the HTML5 Smart Players from Brightcove on as well as,” said Ryan Laverty, senior Web designer for Shure. “People were walking around at the show with iPads and showing off Axient, even going to the website and playing videos right on it. It was a great way to get people talking about the product not just at our booth, but all over NAMM.”

The launch experience at NAMM provided Shure’s team with first-hand experience and showed how useful product demonstrations could be for Axient and its other product lines.

The Web team integrated the Brightcove platform within and revised the brand’s online video strategy to create more compelling and engaging video content focused on products and trainings. The result was more page views for the site and an encouraging increase in video views.

Laverty cited an online video for the company’s SM58 vocal microphone as a particularly successful example of how the new strategy brought new interest and traffic to the Shure website. The video offers product highlights while demonstrating the hazards and abuse it can withstand, such as being dropped on a stage floor, immersed in a pitcher of beer and left out in subzero temperatures. In less than a month, the video received more than 3,000 views on the website.

“That video was a test case, but I think it’s very promising,” Laverty said. “Many people find video content more compelling than static imagery, and it adds a dynamic layer to our site. As we keep measuring traffic, we’re going to be looking for other ways to take advantage of Brightcove on”

Improved content management and distribution

The global marketing launch of Axient provided Shure’s North American team with new insights into Brightcove’s content management system capabilities. Laverty is planning to move all video content on and the brand’s YouTube page into Brightcove for easier hosting, tagging and distribution.

“The Brightcove Express edition worked well for our specialized audiences, but also addressed global performance issues within our content delivery network,” Laverty said.

Laverty has been particularly impressed by Brightcove’s content delivery method, allowing the company to share video content internally across its global offices in Europe and Asia.

“The Europe and Asia offices are still producing videos, uploading and distributing them in their own proprietary ways,” Laverty said. “So, here in North America, we’re using Brightcove as a corporate-wide investment to share content among the regions more efficiently.”

For example, Shure’s European office is using the platform to assist its digital marketing specialist, Simone Mayer, with translating and subtitling its Axient video content into eight different languages. While translating, she’s hosting the content in Brightcove, which allows her to send out internal “preview” links for review by various stakeholders in Shure’s worldwide offices.

“Brightcove has been incredibly useful as a content delivery vehicle,” Laverty said. “The video content management capabilities in Brightcove, along with the ability to put things into playlists and tag them, has been very helpful in organizing that process for us.”

Moving forward, Shure hopes to use the Brightcove platform to build a video channel on to organize its growing content library of product videos, artist testimonials and training materials.

“Now that we have a good platform for content delivery and management, we’re definitely going to be growing that strategy and those initiatives by using Brightcove,” Laverty said.