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Serena Software is the application development company with 15,000 customers, including 96 of the Fortune 100. A privately held, global company, Serena is focused on delivering IT and businesses efficiency, productivity, and visibility in their development needs. To help organizations reduce costs and streamline processes, Serena lets organizations quickly create simple development and processes with its Business Mashups. Business Mashups automate common, everyday processes, are visual and do not require coding.

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With Brightcove, we have an easy to use, low cost solution that allows us the flexibility we need to create multiple channels and enable our audience to share branded content in a variety of different ways.

Michael Parker
Senior Director of Global Marketing

Video as a strategic marketing tool

Serena recognized early on in the Web 2.0 era that video was a powerful force in promoting its brand and reaching customers directly. The company also intuitively understood that this type of branded content had more viral and sharing potential than traditional datasheets or other product documentation.

Serena made the decision to launch MashupTV, a video resource for information on Business Mashups. Serena quickly recognized the high costs and complexity associated with building and maintaining their own video solution to support MashupTV, so the company opted to outsource its online video solution to an on-demand provider to reduce its costs. While YouTube was growing in popularity at the time, Serena chose Brightcove to host branded content because the company's goals were to drive traffic back to its own website where they could better control the quality of the content and the overall experience.

The Brightcove Solution

Michael Parker, senior director of global marketing, selected Brightcove immediately after learning about its capabilities. As Serena provides software as a service (SaaS), it also uses SaaS or on-demand offerings to effectively manage its own business. According to Parker, Brightcove was the obvious choice due to its wide array of distribution capabilities, ease of use, flexibility and cost. With a combination strategy of using Brightcove for its destination site and YouTube for promotional purposes, Serena could leverage the inherent traffic of YouTube to increase its audience while driving them back to additional branded content on the Brightcove-powered MashupTV site.

According to Parker, Brightcove was selected based on several unique capabilities:

  • Distribution – Brightcove provides a flexible approach to video distribution, enabling Serena to customize its distribution strategy. Serena can build broad viewership for its content by allowing viewers to easily share content with friends while driving traffic back to its site. Serena can also add plug-ins to its players that allow viewers to interact and engage with content and create more opportunities for sharing.
  • Ease of use – Brightcove provides a single, integrated solution that meets all of Serena's video publishing and distribution needs and is accessible online anywhere in the world. Serena can easily create, manage and customize video players without the need for development or IT resources.
  • Flexibility – Brightcove is built on open standards and is designed for deep customization to support Serena's unique needs, objectives and brand requirements.
  • Video quality – With Brightcove, Serena can provide up to HD-quality viewing experiences. Brightcove's dynamic delivery capability automatically adjusts the bit rate of video streams to ensure the highest quality video given the user's bandwidth conditions. ROI – By outsourcing all of their online video needs to Brightcove, Serena is able to focus on creating impactful content rather than on maintaining a costly in-house solution.

"YouTube is a powerful medium because of its massive audience, but we wanted to make sure we had a dual strategy in place to drive our audience to our own website where we could better manage the overall experience," said Parker. "With Brightcove, we have an easy to use, low cost solution that allows us the flexibility we need to create multiple channels and enable our audience to share branded content in a variety of different ways."

Immediate ROI

With the help of Brightcove, MashupTV launched with four specific video channels (Mashup Fun, Chalk Talks, Events and Customer Videos). Serena also launched its highly successful "JUST @#$% IT!" marketing campaign with online banner advertising and search engine marketing. The main video was placed on YouTube as a teaser to drive traffic back to the full campaign on MashupTV where users could not only watch the video, but download free whitepapers and free trial software. The campaign drove thousands of viewers to the MashupTV site, tripled overall Web traffic to Serena's site and doubled the amount of product and free trial downloads. In addition, the biggest marketing reward came when Serena won the OMMA 2008 award for Best B2B Integrated Online Campaign.

With the success of MashupTV, Serena is currently looking to expand its use of Brightcove and video marketing across its entire product line. The company has plans to launch video greetings in conjunction with its landing and registration pages. Serena is also looking toward the next generation of MashupTV, which could feature user generated content and mobile video capabilities. In the mean time, Serena is planning to complete a major content refresh initiative for MashupTV to build on the success it has had to date.

Parker concluded: "Video is a real marketing tool for B2B companies in the Web 2.0 era. With Brightcove, we have the ability to offer a user-rich, customer-centric website experience that goes far beyond just posting video on the Web. We're very happy with the results we've seen to date; the solution has easily paid for itself."