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San Diego Zoo


The 100-acre San Diego Zoo is dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and their habitats, and is home to more than 4,000 rare and endangered animals representing more than 800 species and subspecies.

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Brightcove has enabled us to open up a world of new opportunities for our video content and distribution.

Damien Lasater
Web Manager

The organization focuses on conservation and research work around the globe and educates millions of individuals a year about wildlife. The Zoo also manages the 1,800-acre San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park, which includes a 900-acre native species reserve that is home to more than 3,500 animals representing more than 400 species.

Compelling video in need of a global audience

Online video offers the San Diego Zoo an effective way to engage directly with animal lovers in San Diego and around the world. The Zoo has the benefit of adorable, newborn animals to make extremely compelling and engaging video content. But the Zoo isn't just about cute, it's about conservation. The Zoo produces content on the conservation work its researchers are conducting to save endangered species—from frogs to elephants—in the wild and on-grounds.

Despite its in-house videographer, the video production, digitization and publishing process for the Zoo has traditionally been extremely time consuming and complex using their home grown online video solution. There were often challenges in coordinating video news releases on new exhibits and animals with Web site postings in a timely manner. In addition, the Zoo's videos were not able to be shared beyond their own website, which limited their ability to develop a global network of Zoo fans and animal advocates. As a result, the decision was made to leverage a proven online video platform to support the Zoo's growing Web presence and take advantage of its expansive video content library.

The Brightcove Solution

Damien Lasater, the San Diego Zoo's web manager, selected the Brightcove online video platform because of its strong reputation, wide range of distribution capabilities and overall ease of use. With the help of Brightcove, the Zoo can now publish and distribute a variety of video content without the multiple day lag time that they experienced in the past. In addition, whereas the Zoo's video content lived solely on their site in the past, Brightcove enables the Zoo to expand its online audience to fans around the world by easily sharing and posting content to Facebook and Twitter.

According to Lasater, Brightcove was selected based on several unique capabilities:

  • Ease of use   With Brightcove, the Zoo has a single, integrated solution to cover the gamut of their online video publishing and distribution needs without the need for additional IT or video-specific resources. The entire online video process is streamlined as the Zoo can easily create, manage and customize video all through the Brightcove platform.
  • Distribution   Brightcove's video distribution capabilities enable the Zoo to vastly expand its online audience by allowing fans to easily share content and post to popular social networking sites. Zoo fans can also interact and engage directly with video content via plug-ins to the video players.
  • User engagement   It is important that the San Diego Zoo continue to put forth new, engaging video content to satisfy its growing online audience. There are entire TV stations dedicated to the work being done at organizations like the San Diego Zoo, so people follow their video content closely to monitor things like breeding successes, newborns and the Zoo's work with endangered species. The Brightcove platform ensures the Zoo can consistently and easily upload content to provide the best possible online experience for its fans around the world.

"Brightcove has enabled us to open up a world of new opportunities for our video content and distribution," said Lasater. "Everyday our staffers are involved in groundbreaking research or we're welcoming in new endangered species to our family. Our ability to capture these experiences on video and quickly share them with our fans around the world is crucial, and we're able to accomplish that much more effectively now with the help of Brightcove."

Instantaneous Success

Since launching with Brightcove, the San Diego Zoo has seen a notable difference in their ability to post and distribute video content on the Web. Before Brightcove, the Zoo's video production and Web team spent several days producing, digitizing and posting video to the site. Now this process is nearly instantaneous with the Brightcove platform. This has proven to be beneficial to the Zoo's marketing efforts as well, as major events and communications can be tied to video content that will post online on the same day.

The Zoo has also seen a significant increase in traffic to their website because of the improved player navigation and access to searchable video content. Fans from around the world check the site regularly for updates on their favorite animals and exhibits or the latest in cutting edge research being conducted at the facility. Many of the Zoo's online fans even request specific video content, such as a birthday celebration for their panda, which is a testament to the value of the Zoo's Brightcove-powered content.

Laster concluded: "Before Brightcove, our video content lacked interactivity and sharing capabilities, which greatly limited our ability to expand our video audience. Now thanks to Brightcove, our fans can share their favorite videos with friends easily and help us to promote the San Diego Zoo experience. By making it easy to share and post content to popular sites like Facebook and Twitter, we've been able to rapidly expand our audience while driving traffic back to the branded video experience on our website."