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OMS is Germany's primary online sales and marketing engine for regional newspapers, with more than 150 regional newspaper websites.

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It was very clear that Brightcove could provide us with the most comprehensive and scalable platform in the market.

Kim Kriegers
Director, Video Network

Founded in 1996, OMS' strong position as the leading online network in Germany has enabled the company to grow to reach more than 9.2 million monthly unique users.

Capitalizing on online video to create new revenue streams

Like many other companies with operations in the media industry, OMS has witnessed firsthand the explosion of online video as a new and effective means to engage with readers on the Web. OMS was quick to recognize that the company needed to complement its successful display advertising network it had built over the years with a comprehensive online video advertising network and strategy.

Kim Kriegers, director of the video network at OMS, was tasked with selecting an online video platform to help create an online video network for its member newspapers. The online video network would feature premium content licensed and distributed by OMS, as well as local video published by the regional newspapers. OMS would then sell advertising against the combined video inventory to provide a new, ongoing revenue stream to its participating newspapers and advertisers.

The Brightcove Solution

After a rigorous selection process, OMS chose Brightcove as its provider of choice to launch its online video network. Kriegers and his team determined that the Brightcove platform was most suited to fit their needs in terms of functionality, flexibility and scale, particularly when it comes to rolling out a content syndication and advertising network to their member properties.

According to Kriegers, Brightcove was selected based on several specific capabilities:

  • Scale – OMS needed a highly scalable solution given the size and scope of its existing network. Brightcove's scale in the industry is unmatched, as Brightcove customers reach more that 135 million unique Internet users every month with hundreds of millions of video streams. With Brightcove, OMS can trust that as its online video initiatives grow and expand, its online video platform will be able to scale effectively.
  • Flexibility – Brightcove's built-in flexibility enables website producers from each of OMS' newspapers to fully customize the look and feel of their Flash-based video players.
  • Professional services – Brightcove's professional services team was a major key in helping OMS to realize their vision for online video, from enablement, training and architecture right through to development and deployment.
  • Customization capabilities – The ability to create customized player and Web experiences was crucial in satisfying the needs of OMS' wide range of newspapers and properties.
  • Platform to platform integration – Brightcove's ability to tie easily into other industry leading technology platforms like Germany's IVW Reporting, Omniture's Sitecatalyst v14, Doubleclick's DFP and Google's Video Sitemap was key in creating a fully featured enterprise solution on which OMS could build a world class business model and revenue stream.
  • Ease of use – OMS needed an online video solution that their member properties could roll out very easily, as many of these properties do not have a wide range of technical video experts on staff. With Brightcove, OMS has a single, integrated solution for all of their video publishing and distribution needs that can be rolled out without the need for additional IT resources.

"It was very clear that Brightcove could provide us with the most comprehensive and scalable platform in the market," said Kriegers. "The flexibility and openness of the platform enables all of our website producers to easily publish video provided by OMS, as well as their own local video content. By empowering our network of newspaper organizations to use online video, they can deepen the engagement with readers and ultimately grow their online media businesses."

A rapidly expanding online video network

Since launching with Brightcove at the end of last year, OMS has successfully rolled out the platform to 18 publishers and 36 newspaper properties across Germany. These properties are producing and publishing their own local / regional content despite their limited IT resources. In addition, OMS licenses and aggregates content from a variety of sources that is used by its member properties to ensure their audience has a range of content and topics to choose from. OMS typically adds up to 10 – 20 new national videos a day that are then syndicated to all of their publishers automatically and seamlessly with the help of Brightcove.

Brightcove has also enabled OMS to create a video "site kit" for each of its member properties to implement that includes video centers and widgets to distribute throughout their pages to help promote SEO and boost their content sharing capabilities.

OMS has also seen solid results on the advertising front, as its new online video network has opened up a number of new revenue streams and monetization opportunities for its network of newspapers and advertisers.

Over the course of the coming months, OMS plans to roll out its online video network to more than 100 regional newspapers and additional marketing partners which are part of the OMS network.

Kriegers concluded: "The first newspapers to participate in our new online video network have already doubled or even tripled their video traffic because of the ease of use and flexibility of the Brightcove platform. We look forward to rolling out the platform to our other properties in the future and continuing to add to the success of our growing online video network."