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NEC Optimizes Video Viewing Experience with Brightcove

NEC Optimizes Video Viewing Experience with Brightcove
As we’re considering expansion to overseas corporations in the future, Brightcove's global implementation served as another reason behind our decision
Asako UchidaDigital Marketing Manager for NEC

Bigger, Faster, Stronger: NEC Speeds Ahead with Video

Since its inception in 1899, NEC has been at the forefront of rapidly evolving information technologies.  NEC developed the common-battery switchboard for long-distance phone calls in 1919. Then, in 1924, the company went into the wireless business. NEC even produced the world’s first color LCD notebook in 1991.

Fast forward to 2015, when NEC embarked on yet another undertaking—updating the company’s mission statement and brand identity to communicate its modern take on technological innovation. Though NEC was recognized for its technical expertise, the company wanted customers and business partners to better understand its expertise as an IT and Communications leader creating advanced social infrastructures.  Partnering with Brightcove, NEC was able to align its digital presence with its updated brand and mission statement, resulting in an improved user experience for audiences and an increase in video content production. 

Orchestrating a Brighter World Through Improved VOD Experience

NEC identified four core values its new brand message had to communicate: better products and services, a passion for innovation, self-help, and collaboration. Using these ideals to guide the repositioning, NEC crafted its new brand message, “Orchestrating a brighter world,” which represents the company’s focus on providing technologies, expertise, and ideas to build a more sustainable society.

Following the roll-out of NEC’s freshly minted messaging, the company moved on to tackle its digital marketing communications, making sure they reflected the new identity across all online media, especially video. Up until this point, the company had been using video primarily for marketing, branding and business operations purposes, which had already proven successful. With the alignment of this new messaging alongside NEC’s entire digital presence, the company knew video would be the real expedient to bring a “brighter world” to life. NEC’s digital marketing team set its focus on video to strengthen the brand and effectively communicate the company’s new vision.

“We recognized video was useful in attracting viewers, since it could create empathy from an audience,” says Asako Uchida, Digital Marketing Manager for NEC. “And during business meetings, I received positive feedback on how video is effective in sharing customer stories and company goals with clients.”

Brightcove Delivers an All-Around Solution for NEC’s Digital Marketing

The digital marketing team established four key goals: standardize and optimize the viewing experience, improve video content utilization and management, easily distribute video to multiple devices and add transparency to analytics. NEC first zeroed in on the technical aspects of video to boost the company’s digital footprint, lending to increased marketability and overall customer conversion. Specifically, the company was looking for a way to efficiently store a large amount of video, automate video files for distribution to multiple platforms, and provide an enhanced, foolproof system on which to manage content.

Historically, NEC had managed video by placing MP4 files on a content delivery network, resulting in a less than favorable viewing experience. NEC also had no way to track metrics or analytical data. However, once the company converted to Brightcove’s platform, all those problems ceased to exist. Brightcove’s automatic formatting and distribution of video to different devices, including web browsers, tablets, and smartphones, allowed for optimal viewing and a flexible, timely transmission. And because the platform supports different languages, NEC was able to deliver more video content to foreign businesses.

“As we’re considering expansion to overseas corporations in the future, Brightcove's global implementation served as another reason behind our decision,” says Uchida.

From an operational perspective, Brightcove’s easy, user-friendly features provided a transparent look into usage statistics and analytical data, including play counts, playtime, and analysis of content management—all of which NEC needed in order to deliver more impactful marketing content.

Integrated Analytics Show 60% of NEC's Video Viewers Watch To Completion

Since using Brightcove, NEC’s video production has steadily increased to a pace of about 15 assets per month. And because staff can now quickly upload files, they have more time to create additional video content. Plus, the integrated platform has given NEC’s various business units more opportunity to produce video content of their own.

“With Brightcove’s flexible and timely information, uploading exhibit demo videos directly from the exhibit location, for example, is now possible,” says Uchida. “And Brightcove supports the addition of subtitles, which has been very useful in lowering editing costs.”

The real game changer for NEC has been the ability to access data that measures viewers' behaviors on the company's website. The valuable information helps the company pinpoint best uses for video content in order to deliver more effective marketing communications.

Uchida explains: “We learned that of the users who played a video, 60% watched the video until its completion. Additionally, we found there were many views from users who sent emails, and our total viewers had a higher rate of action compared to non-viewers.”

Putting analytics to the test, Uchida ran an AB test to analyze the effects of where one of their case study videos was placed within the page. The team obtained valuable data regarding video utilization as a result of the test.

Ramping Up Digital Strategy to Further Expand Marketing Efforts

Looking ahead, NEC is advancing its digital marketing efforts even further, honing in on Brightcove’s Audience marketing automation module to create a more transparent view of user behavior and engagement with video.

“From a data analysis perspective, I would like to analyze play time and disengagement points for videos,” says Uchida. “We want to produce higher quality video content and continually strengthen our digital marketing productivity."