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Joyce Meyer Ministries Sees Improved Viewership, Better Viewing Experiences with Brightcove App Cloud and Video Cloud

Joyce Meyer Ministries Sees Improved Viewership, Better Viewing Experiences with Brightcove App Cloud and Video Cloud
The great part about using the App Cloud and Video Cloud platforms together is the seamless integration. It works with the click of a button. Finally, we had a technology solution we didn’t have to think about at all.
Nathan VeerWeb Producer for Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization led by author and speaker Joyce Meyer. The ministry’s mission is to teach people how to apply biblical lessons to every facet of their lives, while also encouraging Christians to positively influence the world around them. Along with developing and distributing educational and conference resources, Joyce Meyer Ministries also provides global humanitarian aid through Hand of Hope, its missions outreach arm. Financial contributions from individual donors and partners of the ministry support the organization, which now has 14 international offices with almost 900 employees.


Joyce Meyer Ministries’ print publication and TV show “Enjoying Everyday Life” is the organization’s most popular outlet for delivering its messages. As a worldwide faith-based organization, online video is the only option for viewers who cannot watch the syndicated TV show in the U.S. Viewers in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa (as well as rural areas of the U.S.) often have varying bandwidth and video viewing capabilities, causing videos to pause or stop mid-stream. In addition to a more reliable playback function, the organization also wanted to track detailed information about which aspects of the show appealed most to viewers, in order to provide audiences with a more tailored, improved version of the show.

“An important goal of the organization is to get out the message of hope by utilizing new forms of media and communications technology,” said Nathan Veer, web producer for Joyce Meyer Ministries. “Delivering that message online in a clear, easily viewable format is crucial for those people who only have the option to watch online.”


  • Brightcove Video Cloud Online Video Platform, March 2011
  • Brightcove App Cloud Content App Platform, November 2011


  • Automated encoding process to maximize company resources
  • Optimized streams for improved viewer experiences
  • Provided valuable measurement and viewer analytics
  • Easily integrated and provided all the necessary features
  • Unmatched quality of service and offerings

Brightcove Attributes

Simple, Optimized, Integrated

Maximizing Resources and Providing an Optimal Experience

Joyce Meyer Ministries researched and tested several online video platforms before choosing Brightcove Video Cloud. While other online video platforms offered varying options, Veer said the choice came down to video quality, workflow, and ease of integration.

“In the end, Video Cloud had the built-in features we were looking for,” Veer said. “That was our consistent experience with Video Cloud. While other providers told us their platforms would need upgrades or additional steps to add functions, for example with Facebook, the Video Cloud team was consistently telling us ‘it already does that.’”

Since the move to Video Cloud in March 2011, Joyce Meyer Ministries has maximized its internal company resources, simplifying the video content management process and cutting costs. Show titles, descriptions and metadata are now easily transferred from an automated Final Cut server into Video Cloud. Automation also simplifies file encoding, allowing the company to reallocate resources to other important tasks.

“Integration was seamless, and the learning curve with Video Cloud was shorter than any other platform we reviewed,” Veer said. “The video quality exceeds the standard we want to uphold. Video Cloud has definitely improved our viewership by optimizing the stream for each user, so we’re creating a better viewing experience for those with higher bandwidth while simultaneously improving the experience for our low-bandwidth users.”

The available analytics in Video Cloud have provided additional benefits for Joyce Meyer Ministries. The video team is now able to track viewers’ attention spans, taking note of where people pause or stop watching. With a simple click on that end point in the video, the file cues up right at the drop-off point for easy review and analysis by the production team.

“We’ve been able to show our TV production team analytics information about our viewers which helps us create a better program,” Veer said.

The organization is also tracking metrics around standard- and high-definition streams to learn more about viewers and their viewing behaviors. In addition, the company also plans to add closed captioning to the show within the year.

“We’re really excited about employing Video Cloud tracking to determine where people are using closed captioning most, and what languages they’re using it in.”

Expansion to App Cloud

As video continues to be a large part of Joyce Meyer Ministries’ connection with its viewers, the organization decided to expand into mobile app development for iPhones, allowing for better video integration with mobile devices.

“Because of our geographically diverse and mobile audience, we wanted our viewers to have access wherever they are. It’s a natural evolution to expand to mobile devices,” Veer said. “We decided to create an iOS app that allowed users to get daily updates directly on their personal devices so they are kept apprised of what the ministry is doing and what they are apart of.”

As the video team researched and compared costs for outsourcing app development or purchasing a platform for development in-house, they quickly realized outsourcing would cost five or six times more than internal development.

Steve Walters, Web manager at Joyce Meyer Ministries, said “from a cost and business position, we determined internal development was definitely the way to go, and then it boiled down to which platform.”

With the success of the Video Cloud platform, quality of service and trusting relationship with the Brightcove team, Joyce Meyer Ministries decided to implement the Brightcove App Cloud content app platform.

“Our existing relationship with Brightcove, the trust we have in them, and the ease of integration were all big factors,” Walters said.

App Cloud allows Joyce Meyer Ministries to manage the app development process internally with existing employees, using internal resources and developing a new department within the organization.

“App Cloud allow us to work with our Web designers and developers and take advantage of their existing skill sets,” Walters said. “We don’t have to hire specialists that do just one thing. Our Web designers and developers are now doing double-duty as app developers.”

Using App Cloud, Joyce Meyer Ministries created an app and submitted it to Apple for approval. The app will provide subscribers with a daily update of content, including the daily TV show broadcast, radio show content and daily devotional material.

“The great part about using the App Cloud and Video Cloud platforms together is the seamless integration,” Veer said. “It works with the click of a button. Finally, we had a technology solution we didn’t have to think about at all.”

In the near future, Joyce Meyer Ministries plans to utilize new features in App Cloud that allows the organization to send location-based push notifications. For example, when Joyce Meyer is scheduled for an upcoming conference, the Ministries’ staff will be able to promote the event to any Joyce Meyer Ministries’ app user in a specified mile radius.

“As long as they have the app, they would be notified Joyce is in town,” Veer said. “That notification will help us drive awareness and attendance to the conferences, giving us another opportunity to connect with our viewers.