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Australian Streaming Service FishFlicks Drives 150% Increase in Viewing Time With Brightcove

Australian Streaming Service FishFlicks Drives 150% Increase in Viewing Time With Brightcove
Brightcove really saved our lives. We’re a subscription based video provider, so any period of lights out is damaging. Brightcove helped us fulfil that responsibility when we really needed it.
Claudeen Martinez.Head of Marketing and Communications

FishFlicks is an online subscription video-on-demand service that offers recreational fishers, hunters, and 4x4 enthusiasts thousands of hours of video content.

Launched in 2015, FishFlicks is a direct response to both the rise in recreational fishing and the changing viewing model, with more and more Australians turning to online streaming services. It currently hosts more than 1,300 videos on its platform, a number that is growing by the day.  Providing a seamless, broadcast-live video experience to its audience is critical.


Prior to using Brightcove Gallery, FishFlicks relied on a customized video website developed by an external agency. However, after some time, the platform became clunky, and playback issues became more frequent.

In mid 2016, the issues became worse, with viewers experiencing long buffering times and decreased video quality. These problems spiraled further into instances of the website crashing, often during peak traffic times on the weekend. As a subscription video on demand (SVOD) provider whose entire offering is video, this was clearly unacceptable.

After investigating, the team at FishFlicks identified the legacy pages hosting the videos as the source of the problem and moved very quickly to find a solution.

FishFlicks was already relying on Brightcove Video Cloud as the hosting and publishing platform for all its video content.  The company added Brightcove Gallery as an interim replacement to host its web pages while its in-house team developed a new, customized website.


  • Find an interim, out of the box SaaS solution that could quickly replace its legacy video technology while building a custom website in-house
  • Get the video pages up and running smoothly and as fast as possible to minimize downtime
  • Deliver a consistent, quality viewing experience to subscribers each and every time, regardless of their connectivity situation

Up and running overnight

One of the key requirements of the video solution was a fast deployment that would not interrupt viewing on the website. Thanks to the simplicity of contract negotiation, and Gallery’s SaaS hosting and integration with Brightcove Video Cloud, the new pages were up and running overnight.

On top of this, FishFlicks needed the end product to have the same look and feel as the previous pages to avoid disrupting the viewing experience for its subscribers. With Brightcove Gallery’s customizable templates and styles, the transition was seamless.

“Interrupting viewing on the website simply isn’t an option for us. With Brightcove, within hours we were able to create new video landing pages so there was minimal disruption to our users’ experiences,” said Claudeen Martinez, head of marketing and communications, FishFlicks.

“Brightcove’s customer service is phenomenal. The team was incredibly flexible and accommodating in negotiating contracts, which made the implementation of Gallery really quick and easy,” Martinez added.

The time crunch was also supported by the simplicity and user-friendly interface of Brightcove Gallery. This meant anyone in the FishFlicks team, from IT to the marketing department, could upload content and update video pages quickly and easily, with no web development skills or experience required.

“The beauty of the product is its simplicity. Brightcove Gallery really helps to uncomplicate the technical aspect for the user and is easy for anyone in the business to navigate, which is crucial for a growing, yet small, business like ours,” said Claudeen.

FishFlicks needed a solution that would cope with the scale of a rapidly growing subscriber base with varying internet speeds – particularly during peak traffic times on the weekend when issues previously cropped up. With Brightcove’s technology, the weekend after implementing Gallery, FishFlicks’ video pages and website ran smoothly with no playback issues.


By implementing Brightcove Gallery, FishFlicks solved the issues with its legacy video pages through a seamless transition to a more reliable platform, robust enough to handle unpredictable levels of traffic.

“Brightcove really saved our lives. We’re a subscription based video provider, so any period of lights out is damaging. Brightcove helped us fulfill that responsibility when we really needed it.”

On top of being a solution that kept FishFlicks up and running while building its new website, there was a 150% increase in video viewing duration following the transition to Brightcove Gallery.

“We initially turned to Brightcove Gallery to solve the playback issues we were facing with our videos.. What we didn’t expect was for viewing times to increase so significantly. Even prior to the playback issues, viewers weren’t watching as much content, likely due to the clunkiness of our legacy pages. To see a 150% increase in viewing times is a huge testament to the quality and immersiveness of the Brightcove Gallery product.”

FishFlicks has now transitioned to its new custom website and continues to use Brightcove Video Cloud in the backend to manage and host its video offering. Looking ahead, the company is set to expand its partnership with Brightcove with plans to implement an offline DRM solution. This will allow subscribers to watch content wherever they are, without an internet connection. The SVOD provider is also looking to develop native smart TV apps over the coming three years.