Everyone Active makes every gym-goer feel at home—using video

With 160 gym locations across the UK and a five-million-strong database, Everyone Active (EA) has a big job when it comes to connecting one-on-one with customers. But for Tim Mayer, their head of Commercial and Digital, that’s exactly what he wanted to do. Watch the video or keep reading to see how he accomplished his goal, plus built a single-customer view that allows his team to automatically serve the right content to the right person at the right time.

Mayer’s primary challenge was streamlining EA’s message and workflow across 160 different locations while still serving every gym’s unique needs and taking it one step further to serve each individual member. Brightcove’s platform linked EA’s communications, web, and content teams to one source of video truth, streamlining their work and collaboration. Creating a single-customer view dashboard accomplished their ultimate goal of reaching each customer, while plugging Brightcove’s platform and analytics into that dashboard enabled personalized content delivery.

Now, with all memberships initiated through video content, the company is approaching the 50% mark for online membership sales.

EA’s video campaigns streamline their internal efforts, build their brand reputation, and contribute to the bottom line—all while helping their members accomplish their fitness goals. That’s an outcome that everyone can get behind.

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