How Dunkin' Used Video to Create Engaging Internal Communications

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Dunkin’ Brands, the parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, is one of the world’s leading quick service restaurant franchisers, with nearly 2,000 owners managing more than 19,000 stores around the world. Dunkin’s Corporate Comms team manages all employee and franchisee communications, keeping everyone informed about the company’s operating plans, new programs, and even training them on how to prepare and serve new products to maintain quality control throughout its global network.

To bridge the gap between corporate staff and franchisees, Dunkin’ Brands uses video as an essential component of the team’s corporate communications strategy.

Glen Schwartz, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Dunkin’ Brands, shares five benefits of using video to reach the company’s far-flung network of field-based employees and franchise owners.

1. Consistently clear and engaging messaging

Video communicates key business messages and brings information to life in ways that a PowerPoint deck can’t hope to match. “With video, we can transform dry messages into compelling demonstrations,” explains Schwartz. “Video grabs attention and delivers a consistent, clear message.”

2. Sharing critical information quickly with a global audience

“When we can’t put an expert in the room, video becomes the source of expert information,” notes Schwartz. For the launch of a new frozen beverage, for example, video helped convey critical information, such as ingredients, machine set up and operation, and cleaning. Plus, video clearly communicated the strategy behind the new beverage offering as well as the return on investment franchisees could expect to see.

3. Munchkin-sized content, on-demand

Dunkin' Brands also uses video to extend viewership of its webcasts, new employee programs, and quarterly meetings by repurposing the original content into shorter segments. For example, long-form video of the CEO and leadership team presenting plans for the new fiscal year can be easily re-cut and re-shared. “We split content into smaller video segments focusing on each presenter and put them on a dedicated Brightcove Player,” explains Schwartz. “Viewers can choose the specific video segments they want to watch. It is a very convenient way to digest the information.” The Brightcove Players also allow employees and franchisees to easily find and watch featured video and scroll through other content in the library. “Video can be viewed repeatedly and shared, so it has a longer life,” explains Schwartz.

4. Anytime, anywhere access

Early on, Schwartz added links to videos in emails and newsletters, which was convenient for office-based employees, but franchisees couldn’t always watch them as quickly or easily. With the mobile-friendly Brightcove Player, franchisees can now watch videos on any device. “Brightcove makes it easy for franchise owners to view and replay videos,” he says. “The owners really like having video.” And, not surprisingly, franchisee viewership and engagement continues to rise.

5. Stronger relationships with franchise owners

When traveling to the field just isn’t possible, video also lets franchisees feel more closely connected to the leadership team and what’s happening at headquarters. “We can have our CEO and senior management discussing key messages for three to four minutes, and it’s a way for owners to hear directly from them,” explains Schwartz. “Video also lets us tailor the messages. If our CEO wants to deliver a focused message to each region, he can record four or five different ones, and we can distribute them as needed.”

Transitioning to a more videocentric organization has taken a combination of leadership team support, long-term planning, investment, and training, but the results have been more than worth the effort. Today, everyone in the Dunkin’ Brands network expects and relies on video to stay informed and up to date.

Video is an “invaluable communications tool,” concludes Schwartz. “We’re seeing an even greater return on our video investment by increasing the company’s engagement with franchise owners and delivering more compelling messages with greater frequency.”

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