How doTERRA Produced a World-Class Virtual Convention and Doubled their Audience

doTERRA is an essential oils, nutrition, and personal care company headquartered in Utah and with global offices in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. With 8.5 million distributors, wellness advocates, and wholesale customers around the world, video is an essential part of doTERRA’s business.

“We have a large team that really focuses on helping to tell the doTERRA story,” says Mark Warburton, Senior Director of Global Digital Marketing. “Video is really one of our strongest channels to tell those stories. And so many of our marketing activities are heavily focused on using video.”

Events are also a core part of doTERRA’s marketing strategy, typically culminating with an annual convention in Salt Lake City. This event usually draws upwards of 35,000 people and is where new products are launched, global leaders are recognized, and big announcements are shared. “This is really one of our most important events when it comes to growing our business,” says Warburton. “With the challenges of COVID, we had to completely reconfigure that event and do something digital.”


When looking for the right virtual event partner, the doTERRA team made sure to do their homework. “We took quite some time looking around,” says Warburton. “We actually got a lot of references, we did a deep dive on capabilities and their abilities to really meet the needs of our digital expectations. Brightcove quickly became our strongest solution out of many, many potential partners.”

For past in-person events, doTERRA offered digital tickets to a small audience to watch the livestream, but with previous video partners, they ran into challenges. “Sometimes people could not even log in to view any part of those productions, and so we did have a lot of painful learning experiences.” So stream reliability was non-negotiable, and with Brightcove, it was one less thing to worry about.

“We also could always project how many attendees we would have at our physical event, but our digital event was now open to the entire world. We didn't know what our digital audience would look like from a size perspective,” says Warburton. “We needed a partner who could quickly and dynamically scale to whatever that number would be, domestically and internationally. And we were happy to learn that Brightcove could help us scale and cover China as well.”

From the start, doTERRA and Brightcove partnered together to create the best possible viewer experience. “Working with the Brightcove team brought us a lot of benefits. There was always a team there to support us,” says Warbutron. “All the way from pre-launch to the end of the event, the Brightcove support team was really watching every piece of the system to make sure each of our broadcasts were going perfectly according to plan and that no one was having any conflict enjoying the experience we designed.”


Warburton describes doTERRA as a “people person” business. “We focus highly on relationships and connecting with our audience. So we really tried to find ways that we could connect, albeit digitally.” Rather than a one-way, company-led presentation, it was important for doTERRA to create an event that felt intimate and personal and that made viewers a part of the conversation.

“A livestream event can sometimes feel a little distanced. We were happy that the Brightcove team could bring some new ideas, new solutions, and new experiences for our audience. The Brightcove team really helped us kind of raise the bar of our whole event,” says Warburton. “We wanted our audience to be able to gather together in small workshop settings around digital tables, to create that closeness, that camaraderie and reunion with each other, because it's been so long since they've all been together.”

With viewers watching from around the world, the event content was also translated into 12 different languages to ensure everyone could easily understand and navigate through the experience. “A lot of the bells and whistles and the tools were also localized so that everyone could ask or answer questions and get the information they needed.”


The doTERRA team ultimately wanted their audience to walk away from their first virtual annual convention feeling connected, inspired, and motivated to use the content, and with high praise coming from the field, that’s exactly what the team accomplished. “We had a lot of positive feedback. We had members from all around the world commenting and congratulating us on a really strong broadcast.” The marketing team was thrilled with the outcome, too. “The impact on our business was huge,” says Warburton. “We had one of the biggest audiences we've ever had.” Through the Brightcove Virtual Event Experience, doTERRA was able to reach 81,000 viewers from more than 130 countries around the world.

“This was the first time that we've done our convention on a virtual events platform. This was not something that we knew how to do in the beginning,” says Warburton. “Our partnership with Brightcove was really one of our critical success factors. With a really strong team, both on the Brightcove side as well as the doTERRA side, we were able to put together a really powerful program that will live on for years, and it's become a really strong piece of our legacy.”

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